And so it begins. Restoration of 1975 XJC

Do I see a Land Rover 101 in the background - shame it is an Ambo as they are a bit ungainly. I also have a 101 GS - great vehicles.


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120 minutes from car on the ground to IRS out. Not bad.

But now, I need two 19"-long brake lines male/female to connect the main brake line to the outboard calipers…

Anyone has pointers to a shop that can custom make these?


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Not mine. It needs a new home soon…

Well, after rummaging through old parts, and a trip to O’Reilly’s where I talked to a VERY knowledgeable fellow, TAHDAH!!

Used female fittings from a pair of pipes for front calipers and a pair of male fittings from the original rear calipers, + 2 20in 3/16 pipes from O’Reilly’s. Flaring tool worked perfectly.


I confess that I am real sucker for assembling new parts together. This is my best experience of this hobby.

V-mounts went in with new bolts. A moment of zen.

The 48 year old V-mount was actually still in very respectable shape…

So, holes left and right, or front and back ! :slight_smile:

My opinion, front to rear (stock) location. Unless you are raising spring rates, larger sway bar, etc as a track car. Changing just one component never does much in a positive manner.


I think we all are!

In my opinion front to back as original.
The other way around you will have greater Toe changes with suspension travel, so maybe more bump steer.
I’m sure Jaguar decided for/aft for a reason.


Rear assembly now in place.

I got some quotes this week:

  • Shop 1: Finish body work + paint: $17,000
  • Shop 2: Finish body work, guide cost quality, ready for paint: $5,500

I am in the wrong profession…


Meanwhile, fitted new gaskets in the HIF7s and trying some options for air filter. Why not?