And so it begins. Restoration of 1975 XJC

Had the same issue and I’ve put rubber spacers between the body and the rim (the upper screw) to bring the rims lower down.

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Hmmm … I had my lights out recently for some work and found it quite challenging to get them back in without scratching the paint and in the right direction.

In your first pic (with the air vent grillle in place) just about everything seems amiss at the left (looking forward) headlight: the light unit is rotated clockwise and tilted forward. The ring is oval plus there is a bend at two o’clock (looking from front now). And - it looks like the head light unit and the ring are sitting some wrong way. On my car you can’t see through between the head light and the retaining ring.

Good luck

75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

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I should mention that the lights in the photos are aftermarket to replace the Federal units.
I will take everything apart and start again.
Another 10 minutes job turning into a full day… :slight_smile:

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actually, I was thinking whether you had US small outer headlights installed, but they look bigger than 5 3/4". They seem to be Lucas, so they should fit.

Maybe you check out the parts catalogue for SII to make sure you’ve got all the right rings and retainers for ROW 7" headlights.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

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I’m not very familiar with your model but I’ve seen a few and as far as I can remember the lights fit their housing exactly and beautifully, as you would expect.

So i would say some research is needed - is there one you can go & see - and, as you said, some unwanted extra work to do. You’re making such a superb detailed job of the car you mustn’t spoil it.

The joys of classic car ownership…

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Memory kicked in.

I bought these aftermarket 7" curved (not flat) headlights in 2006 when I was living in Ireland. So they are for a RHD car.

Now that I am in the US, they are no good anyway.
So, the time has come look for new headlights and worry about the fitting later…

Any tips or advice? I am longer interested in authenticity.

Just for completion of the story, the best I could get with these:

Here is a photo of what appears to be a genuine S3 LHD light. The adjuster fittings are in the same positions as the RHD, which I was not expecting…

The only difference with the RHD ones I have seems to be the glass. Hmmm.

May be I should get original bowls to see if the outer chrome bezels fit better.

Interesting for reference.

Only the lamps are different.

The lamps’ texture should be parallel to the ground.


I got these, inexpensive, glass lens, good light pattern and like the looks a lot.
Only caveat, they got a bit foggy inside after a few hours of operation and they needed cleaning, but otherwise very happy with them.

I opted for the H4 inner lights but needed some modification to fit. H1 are also available.

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I had that too, only once, then never returned.

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Fiat lux!
Sort of… :slight_smile:
Now, on to the turn signals. After so many years and so many customizations, it is an interesting puzzle to put back together


Fuel pump success, but the turn signals are still not working…


One (old, will be replaced with brand new one) tank in place, clean filter, new hoses and clips, gas and pressure all the way to the carburetors, zero leaks, we are in business.


I never imagined it would take a whole morning just to get both brake lights to work!! Damn electrics.

Does anyone know what these ground connections are for? Certainly not needed for rear lights or turn signals…

Hi Eric,

Sorry, I don’t know but I can tell you that the V12 fuel pumps have similar ground wires for earthing, a typical problem that gets missed when the contacts have corrosion. A multimeter would show earthing / grounding contact, but it can be of very poor quality and then everybody thinks the problem is the fuel pump when it is just the earth / ground contact.


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On this XJ6C the ground wires for each fuel pump are very short, directly from the pump to the car body.

The professionals got 100% of the money they asked for to finish the job, too bad they did not do 100% of the work… They left me with the hard bits, and did not even tell me. Grrr.

Trial fitting the Euro bumper onto the US body. Had to shave off some of the US side metal to get a reasonable fit, but it seems it need to remove more material to get the whole bumper to move forward another cm or so, and up a few mm.

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