And so it begins. Restoration of 1975 XJC

Looks pretty darn good.
I had done once a whole car, turned out very decent and was not that hard.
Dust is your biggest enemy.


I see a run and mild orange peel but nothing terrible or difficult to fix

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Was talking to my painter friend yesterday and apparently orange peel happens when you don’t put enough paint on. Did not know that.

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The top ‘dries’ before the rest so it tightens into a flat surface is what I think. Many thin coats have worked for me but I’m not a painter even though I’m often happy with the results. A lot is thinner and how the spray gun is set up and how fast the paint dries and there’s always a risk of runs.

The S2 wasn’t clear over base was it?

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Another way to reduce orange peel is to completely ignore the suggested “reducer” ratio and reduce the hell out of it! The suggested ratios are more about meeting a VOC emission regulation than getting good finish out of the gun. Reducer comes in “temps” also… higher the temp, slower to evaporate. The point is for the reducer to not evaporate out of the clear coat before the clear coat has a chance to flow out and become smooth.


When i briefly worked in a body shop over 50 years ago orange peel was due to too-thick paint. Add more thinner, but then you have to be careful about runs.

It was a skill to get every thing and every stage just right - get your paint right, get your air pressure right, get your distance from the work right and get your speed of movement of the spray gun right.

I mastered it so it can’t be too difficult but practice on an old piece first.

And don’t try to get your final finish with one pass - it takes 2 or 3 to get the proper coverage without runs


Hi Eric, just joined this ‘Jag lovers’ forum and I’m impressed with your ongoing work over the passed 6 years, most of it done by yours truly. Must have felt great driving it down the street. Keep up the work and finish this super cat. So far I’ve been restoring Classic Volvo’s such as my '72 1800ES wich welding is finaly finished after 8 year and will get some paint shortly, but I’m getting there. I chickend out for the Jaguar to go this way and bought the best '86 XJ SC and '88 XJ40 I could find. Driving them is prety nice, you’re about to discover this and will be an extatic feeling, bye Ed

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Otherwise known as PFM… :slight_smile:

It has become an “auto”-mobile again. It even brakes almost the way it should. :slight_smile:


Light blue would look amazing too…

Started sanding the primed with 400 grit (then 600 will come).
Crap, I find pin holes on the C pillar… Ah well…

It’s sealed, primed and the rust is gone.
Some filler will do the job just fine.

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Just in case you didn’t know, this is common for Bondo and a repaint.

The pin holes are filled with body putty, which comes in a tube like toothpaste. It’s applied very thin, allowed to dry and sanded again. The stuff I use is green (comes in several colors) so it stands out against both red and gray primers.

That will take care of your pinholes.

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Not much progress this week.
The OEM IRS went to live a new life near LA.
Pinholes filled.

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First door jamb.
The weather is getting too warm for painting :frowning: