Angled inlet manifold

(Phil.Dobson) #1

Does anyone know where/how/who designed and manufactured the angled inlet manifold as per the attached photo of BUY

(Ian) #2

Think your find that’s a Coomb’s job , no that’s the Air one sorry !!

(peter balls) #3

Hello Phil
Factory jobs Phil, Nigel holds some details.
BTW 120 FHC, have you aquired the art of changing gear whilst on a roundabout?
Peter B.

(Phil.Dobson) #4

As in Nigel Webb?

I must admit that changing gear whilst using the steering wheel is almost impossible!

(peter balls) #5

Yes, Nigel is allways happy to talk MK1…
Being 5 feet 8 inches 120s fit me like a glove, all I need to do to wear one is to finish
knitting this one…
Peter B.

(Phil.Dobson) #6

oh my word Peter those cars look magnificent. would you be willing to pm me some engine shots of the xk?