Annual service visit to dealer

Since the purchase of my Ftype earlier this year I have done about 2500 miles and changed the oil once already. So this month it was to get its free servicing and one more free service next October. I thought I was just getting an oil and filter change but they said it required a brake fluid change air filter, cabin filter, and car wash all at no charge. Impressed. Dealership had just rebuilt this beautiful facility for Jaguar and Land Rover, hope they make it. Was talking to a salesperson while waiting and he asked me if I had driven an I Pace, here in California the usual procedure is to get your drivers license and I think they run a credit check? He said screw it and just handed me the keys. It is nice, dead quiet and very fast off the line, but I am not an SUV guy. The Regen. braking when set on high stops you dead. When coming up to a stop sign I never touched the brake pedal. There is also an adjustment to put some noise in the cabin. I guess this is the future but I may not be ready for it. After the car was ready I found the original service writer who had honestly let me know in February that my newly purchased CPO Ftype has not had an oil change in three years. Thanked him and handed him $100. Positive experiences with this dealership in Riverside Ca. Did notice their labor rate is $215. hr.
Noticed a Land Rover Velar on the floor with a window sticker of $140K, why?, getting too old and cheap.

I had a similar, good experience with my dealer, in San Francisco. I brought the car in for service, and the tech noted that the warranty was about to expire. He volunteered to give it a once over, with emphasis on the convertible top, for any undue signs of wear and tear. Just in case. I very much appreciated that.