Another AC problem 1996 Facelift 4.0 XJS

There are two flaps, one for the windshield and one for (I think) the heater box, but both are operated by electric actuators.

OK here’s what I found the control on the dash for AC works it turns on the compressor but bulb or whatever doe’snt light up , Where can I find the Electric actuators I only see vac-operated ones. What controls the vac operated ones on the blowers?

I am haveing more progress today chasing the gremlins than the last two weeks

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The blowers are controlled via the dash knob & CCM

The CCM being the Piano module ? I was talking about the blower doors not the blower motors

is this the electric motor you were mentioning , I see two both on pass side one close to the windshield other here , Behind the CCM

That’s one of the servos; I dunno whassup with the brown tape on it.

They fail often, they cost a fortune, and it’s really difficult to replace the upper one.

I’ve floated an idea of installing a lever in the original location and installing a cheap generic servo from a Ford or whatnot in some convenient spot and connecting it to that lever with a link. I dunno if that’s a viable option, though.

I tested that one with a 9 volt battery it tested good . I witness marked it so it would go back exactly as it came out . Debating whether to take out the other one to test.

I did find out that by wedging a piece of wood 2" long in the lower door collapses the upper door for easier removal and install

Found a manual which may help. XJS MkIII Climate Control.pdf (243.5 KB)
Also have a larger mkiii manual I will try to upload

Delanaur mk iii introduction. Includes troubleshooting steps
Delanair MKIII Introduction.pdf (1.1 MB)

I cannot thank you enough for this info. However, I have a 96 do I have MK3 climate control in my car is it the same as the 87? Also, I have a fluke multimeter can I use that?

Aside from the basics, these systems are quite different. I have found that most if not all of the information floating around is for the older cars. With the newer cars you are pretty much on your own.

so it seems although the Service manual clearly go’s through diagnostics on the CCM

I believe you have a mk iii. Only the control panel changed is my understanding

Yes it doesn’t have a thumb wheel. I read the mods . I am just a little worried about testing with my digital Fluke .

I am suppose to take delivery on another 96 Facelift Convertable car today. That one has problem starting and staying running(owner said it ran fine a yr ago when he parked it) also the transmission kicks out of Overdrive for some reason although it has a brand new trans installed … More fun

Hello Mark - I have found out, through research, that if the ground wires have a poor connection, in the engine bay area, due to paint or corrosion, then the overdrive is affected and does what you state - this seemed to be a concurring problem with these units - many have replaced solenoids in the transmission, only to still have the same problem, until cleaning all the ground wire connections - not saying that this is your problem, but just making a suggestion of possible problem - Tex.

Well I got it all back together and tested it running , I have three speeds on the Fans now and heat and AC but only blowing through the Defroster . I think my CCMod is Kaput , It gets fustrating

Defroster door is vacuum operated; solenoid is on the right side of unit, with a green vacuum line. Loss of vacuum causes default to defrost.