Another headache

Well, My speedo and Tach have been rebuilt…
But as usual in the new world, everything must be gone through 8 9 10 times…
In this case NO NAMES, The best of repairs which I leave nameless has ALWAYS done a great job over the last 30 years of all my projects pertaining to gages.
I do a test run with lights and when I light up one of the jewels…they all light up even the odometer.
So the windup is …
The little light boots I call them to shield each jewel does not exist any longer as mine were melted away.
I’m told that that’s the way they have been rebuilding them and there’s no solution.
I wonder if anyone else has had there gages done?
Does anyone have a boot supplier or a replacement part.
I can take apart the entire gage AGAIN but I need those boot/shields.
I love the guys I used but its amazing, unless I tested these lights BEFORE the dash is reassembled I would have had to take it alllllllll apart again.
Anyone have a solution please post, I have Welsh picking the best of old ones if he can salvage enough for me.

Putting in more plastic ones will just lead to more burnt ones. Can’t individual “light tubes” be fabricated that direct the light straight to their jewel? It would need to be made of something that wouldn’t burn.

Try fitting the original lower wattage bulb back in instead of the “upgrade” 100W bulb.

Failing that, a small bit of brass tubing wouldn’t go amiss.

kind regards

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Yup that’s what I was thinking (brass, aluminum, copper, adamantium, vibranium) tubes secured inside over the bulbs.

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Check your ignition parts bin for three of these - then you’ll need to get creative with an Xacto knife.
I ran into this problem too - the ol’ boots died in their ol’ boots!


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I like Gary’s solution. I just made a tube from black electric tape.

You forgot gold-pressed latinum.


It would make it a target for Ferengi theft.

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Rule 625: never let anything stand in the way of a Jaguar, robbing one blind.


Spark plug boots are made to last forever in the heat. Not sure if any adhesive will work so you might have to dremmil a collar into the edge and slip it on.

I made mine using 2 short lengths of rubber hose for each lamp. Hose sizes were such that the smaller hose ID would slip over the nipple in the speedo housing, and the larger hose ID was a snug slide fit over the small hose OD. By cutting your lengths correctly, the combination resembled the original boot, with slide adjusted to fit the space between speedo inner face and the back of the dial face. I’m using LEDs for headlamps and fuel (no heat) and a low-wattage incandescent bulb for ignition, overheating the hose is unlikely.

Say a prayer long time friend
Dave Welsh had taken apart two old cores
I need one more which he should find tomorrow
Also he is checking a supplier in England
As I can’t believe that most people have no boots
It looks terrible
Wish me luck as I’m taking the rebuild apart again

I had the same issue after mine were rebuilt , probably by the same well known company.
If they don’t regroup the “flywheel” effect of their past reputation will soon be outweighed by customer complaints…

I disassembled the speedo waiting for the boots
They painted the rim on the tach to match but of course it wouldn’t go on because the new rubber gasket was to thick
Soooooo I had to take it apart and put the original in the glass a real bitch but look now!

ps I painted the casings all white and covered the green so when the led goes on the white will pop.

Nissonger used to sell these boots separately. Maybe they still do, you might check.

Richard Liggitt

More and more of these electrical fittings are NLA.

When I bought an Autosparks harness for a Mk1 Mini about 18-20 years ago, it looked just like a factory harness, down to every last detail. More recently, I bought a harness for my Land Rover, even more recently, a harness for a Mk1 Cortina, and the fittings got progressively cheesier.

I asked about this, and their response was that the suppliers of the original fittings are going out of business, so Autosparks source the closest thing they can find. If no suitable replacement can be found, they supply a generic connector, and they assume you’ll harvest your originals.

They said they never did…

Seems to be a metaphor for many replacement parts.


The harnesses I bought from auto sparks a couple of months ago used 3-D printed connectors for the voltage regulator and something else I can’t remember right now. They worked OK but if you look close you can tell their 3-D printed

Hello Gtjoey,
I had to replace all three on a clients speedo not that long ago and I chased down more than required. I will still have the excess components, but I’ll have to go looking, or I believe I will be able to get more, if you don’t mind them coming from Australia.