Another ID pls xj

I’m trying to find what car is what you see in the photos. I can not find the chassis code and the engine I think is changed. The sticker on the trunk states XJ6 3.4


Early (before 82?) series 3 3.4 with the rare 5 speed lt77 manual transmission if reverse is lift and next to 1st. But it looks like there is overdrive wiring, reverse sharp left and next to 2nd. Then it’s a 4 synchro overdrive.
No tag on the front right wing?

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Yes that’s an overdrive cable. No vin on the grind wing. Any other place to check for vin?

Γειά σου Βασσίλη από Γαλλία…
Από που στην Ελλάδα?

That’s a rare find… not fond of a manual gearbox personally but manual XJ’s they are quite sought after.
Are you buying this car?
Needs a lot of TLC to say the least. But being in Greece it should not have much rust issues.
Looks like a good base but for a (very) long restoration.

A neighbour when I was a kid in Athens used to have one like this and it’s were my love for this cars came to be. I really wonder how many XJ are still around in Greece.

Καλή τύχη,

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Engine number, bellhousing, exhaust side.
Vin should be somewhere, on the tag and also stamped in. Normally right side of engine bay keep looking.
Reminds me of the s1 that was converted to s3, in greece. I think his name is Ioannis, he’s restored it, it’s on YouTube.

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On the cowl/firewall where the two diagonal fender braces come together

Engine looks like a fuel injected 4.2

Instruments look like they’re from a Series II


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Καλημέρα ! Είμαι από τη Σιφνο, νησί των Κυκλάδων.

I own a small restoration company. Bought 5 car few years ago and that’s one of them. Actually there are lots of old jags in Greece but they left outside to completely rust. Mine has the classic floor issues but that’s not a problem for me. Me company called caropsis , check my Instagram.

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A closer look tells me it has a S1/2 inlet between the wipers - and it has the S1 NDV (triangular windows you can move for ventilation) - not sure about the roof angle.

If it had been a S1 the vin may be on the left wing and there’s a body tag hidden behind the rear bumper.

You can see the stamped vin is where the black bar is just forward of the damper mounting next to the silver device.

Here are good s3 pictures for comparison…

Easy to tell there’s a vast difference.

I‘m beginning to believe this is another mongrel!

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Update photos. No sign from the vin

Jaguars in Sifnos…

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It’s a fairly early version of the injected 4,2, Doug - shown bu the header tank and the ‘old’ fuel rail…?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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This car is a series 2 manual o/d with a series 3 bonnet and a later series 3 engine.

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a point where the chassis number is struck on the sheet metal of the car?

Look for a body tag behind the rear bumper as David suggested.
In your car, at the place were it should be, like in the photo that David posted, looks like there was something?
No sticker at the side of the door?

And doors? And the early external voltage regulator?
TIL that the S2 has no adjustment in the middle of the center vent vs. the S3. So more than likely also S2 dash.

I found a service book. The vin number is 1G51727. Not sure if it’s true or what ever

That’s the vin of a late series 1 2.8 Litre, left hand drive. That would fit my ‚observations‘. What’s the engine number? My guess is it starts with 8L and it’s certainly not original to the car but still curious. Left side of bellhousing flange.
Is there a reason why cars would be upgraded to look like a s3 I wonder?