Another low cost tire option in a 205/70-15

My local tire dealer came up with a Uniroyal (Michelin owned) tire with an “H” speed rating. Uniroyal Tiger Paw AS. I did not want to go with a “summer” tire, have been happy with my Kumhos’ but no longer available in “H” speed rating. Tirerack does not stock the Uniroyals in the 205/70, but my local dealer can get them @ $101.00 ea. installed. Just another option.

A few decades back, I really loved Uniroyals. Haven’t messed with them in many years, though.

At one time, I managed to buy a set of Niro tires. Marketed as an off-brand, it was actually a set of Uniroyals with some of the letters ground off. That was a good set of tires, too.