Another mystery part 63 FHC

Reportedly from the front of the bonnet.

Anyone recognize this (clearly it’s badly rusted)?

That’s a small piece that closes off a space between the inner fenders and the headlight diaphragm according to the description in a 4.2l Ser I parts catalogue. I recall seeing them on a bonnet for a '65 car. It’s called Sealing Panel BD22749 and BD22750 for R and L sides. It used two felt pieces that go on each end with a copper rivet.

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Photo Terry ?

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Nick. Still don’t get the fitting area can you zoom out please

Right. The piece is an air dam, to force the greater flow of cooling air through the radiator. This pic shows it’s location on the left side of the inner bonnet (red arrow). It’s the same arrangement on the right.

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I can’t. I went out when I originally responded to your question and couldn’t find it on either of my cars. It’s there somewhere but you may have to dismantle some panels to see it. It was definitely on the 67 I took apart 12 years ago- I recall looking at them on my shelf and reinstalling them when I put the car together. That ‘67 car is 300 cars from my current ‘67 but it’s not readily apparent.

Went out and looked again. It’s where Nick says it is:

This photo was posted by Ben D some time ago. It shows the position of the air dams very nicely.


Ah now I see said the blind man!

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I fixed it for you

Interestingly enough Craig I’ve never heard your version ……ours usually ends “who really couldn’t see at all!”

International differences !

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And here it goes

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