Another Oil Pressure Sender Question (Idiot Light)

I posted some time ago on how when I went to r/r the sensor for the idiot light I discovered the PO had apparently disconnected the wire to it, for when I plugged the wire back in (to the old sensor) the idiot light came on and has stayed on ever since. :angry:

One thing I forgot to mention is that when I discovered the wire disconnected I also discovered that the rubber “cup” (cover) was missing off the old sensor. This got me to wondering what the purpose of that rubber cover actually is (note that the oil pressure gauge transducer doesn’t have one, OEM version OR updated version). I’m wondering if it could be to prevent a grounding (or short circuit) of the sensor to the engine block that could cause the light to falsely activate. If so, then maybe that’s exactly what’s going on with mine, and there is nothing actually wrong with the original sensor itself. :thinking: If so, then I could slip the cover off the replacement sensor and put it on the old one - problem solved.

Anyone??? :slightly_frowning_face: