Another problem that has me baffled

I suspect if my college reads my last two posts they will ask for my engineering diploma back!

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And i didn’t do the post right! Still trying to pull the axle. (As an aside when i was 16 my father made me do brake jobs on 46 pickups. Didn’t help!)

Lots of ideas here to remove axles. Backing plate will not fit over the knock-off wheel spud so the socket idea won’t work. Spud has tapered ears so hub puller, even with a strap, can’t get enough purchase. Can’t get long enough j-hooks to grab the axle mounting plate and still get the center bolt into the shaft centering hole. I’ll be damned if i am going to hit ANYTHING on the car with a hammer bigger than a two pounder and i am not nuts about destroying a hub spinner.
Did Jag’s special tool hook onto the axle hub with long enough arms to use a wheel puller? I am thinking i have to weld up a fixture that will bolt on the axle hub and can be “grabbed” by the hub puller. I would be thrilled if the whole thing came out together but i really don’t have much to pull on.

Churchill JD 7 would be for pulling a wire wheel hub. Go to JCNA website for details of their tool loan program.

Thank you very much. Never knew there was such a site. Going to save a lot of hassle!