Another Series I E-Type Hard Top on BAT

I missed this one (auction stated on 05APR22) and it only has hours to go.
Pretty sparse description but nearly 30 photos
Current bid = $8,500
I would expect a flurry of bidding pretty soon

Jeez is this a flurry or a blizzard?

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The top has been sold at $22500 which is in the ball park and what we have come to expect at this level of restoration. Well done and I’m happy for the person who won the bid, cheers :wine_glass: :wine_glass:

Sold for $22,500 on 4/12/22

That’s what you want to see if you are a seller; two people, with money smoldering in their wallets, locking horns


Aka “stupid money.” Buyer and seller are happy. :grin: