Another source of brake Accumulators?

I am resurrecting a 91 Classic Convertible. The accumulator did not survive the 7 years of inactivity, so I have been snousing around looking for a place to purchase another one.

I first saw this over on that the accumulator for a 98 to 03 Cadillac Seville would work on the big sedans.
The GM part number is 25676065 and is available here:

for $90.

Does anyone have any experience with using this accumulator on the XJS?

Similar vintage,size and weight of vehicle, and wasn’t Jaguar heavily influenced by GM around that time?

Yea I know the recommendation for replacing the whole TEVES system, but that would be a last resort.

Thanks for your time and consideration.
Steve, AKA Trainelectric

The GM part works great! But I’m going to bet that website quickly says they are out of stock after you order… if that turns out to be the case I think SNG barratt is the cheapest right now.

This is what I bought. I wish it was $90 smh

Jason- the eBay one is great price too… beats SNG. But yeah Not $90… I hope Steve gets his that cheap, I need to order three (two XJSs and Grandma’s 1990 Fleetwood are all overdue). -John

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When I needed to replace the accumularor on my 1992 I searched around and found it was common across a range of cars in the UK, and a wide range of prices. It is the same as the one on my 1993 SAAB classic 900 (mid-price, about £125), also a Lotus fitment (expensive, over £400!), cheapest price was for an early 1990s Ford Scorpio/Sierra - about £75.

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I just did a quick search on eBay for the saab one and the only new one I saw was listed at $280. :astonished::astonished::astonished:

It was a few years ago when I last needed to look, so the actual cost will have gone up, but I wonder if the relative prices are still the same compared to more expensive cars. Can’t imagine how much it would cost if the same part were fitted to a Rolls or Bently of that era.

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Another option I have heard of is to try a Citroen hydraulics specialist. If the rubber membrane is still good, it is apparently possible to regas the sphere with Nitrogen.

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I’m sure there are places around that would regas it, however I’d be questioning the health of the rubber and seal on that lost its gas in the first place. I’d hate to pay to have it regassed only to have it fail again unexpectedly

Should we keep one on the shelf or will it degrade the same as if was installed in the vehicle?


That’s a good question. The rubber diaphragm would still age sitting on a shelf, but it would have less stress constantly applied to it. Hard to say

well, I have ordered the thing. They promptly told me that it was non refundable and non returnable.
OK, i will take one for the team and let everybody know how it goes.

I will be in touch once I get it, and try to fit it.

Steve AKA Trainelectric

Saw reviews of this GM accumulator on Amazon that included three top notch reviews by folks installing on XJS. Reviews were in 2013. That part is not currently avail on Amazon. Also there was a negative review (non jaguar related) complaining about NOS being old and not so good.
Bottom line — I have confidence you will be okay

Dang, if you need a new one, that’s the one I’d say go for … It’s about 1/2 of what the usual (Jag) suspects want for a new one … :money_mouth_face:

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Crap! They used to be like $45 when I bought one, some years back

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I have a couple from my parts cars if anyone needs one.

Be careful, this is not the part number for the Reatta. This is for the Seville, and is different from the NLA one.

Ok Everyone, I took one for the team and it payed off.

This accumulator is larger, 1/3 liter instead of 1/4, but pressure is the same.
Fits under the bonnet just fine, takes the pump about 40 seconds to hit pressure.
Takes about 8 applications to turn the pump back on
So at 101 bucks to the door, I’d say it’s an acceptable alternative.



Great Steve, What is the P/N, make and model for this alternate?

Sonora/CA, 90 XJS-V12 conv, United States

Here’s the link