Antenna Mast Nut Size?

Does anyone know what size it is? I have tried the largest sockets in my set (16 mm. and 1/2") and neither one is big enough to fit it. Looks like I may have to buy a single socket for the r/r job. :slightly_frowning_face:

Buy a cheap vernier it will stand you in good stead.

“Vernier” ??? :confused:

Ah, as in Vernier calipers for measurement … I remember those now from my dad’s tool & die co. days :bulb:

Do you mean to tell me that, after all these years, you don’t have at least ONE set like this?!?


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Probably so, but I’m sure former roommate tech bud “borrowed” them at some point in the past … And since by then he was living out of his truck, and the truck got towed in for that reason, and, of course, he had no $$ to get it back out, away went all his tools and mine that he had at the time for good. :rage:

So, do those wrenches go above 16 mm./1/2" … ? Funny thing is, IIRC, the “standard” Jag tool set that came with some cars didn’t go above that size. :thinking:

Speaking of which, there is a small plastic cover in the engine bay that is supposed to cover a small bin for a factory tool set. Harlem didn’t come with them … Was that something only available on the European models, possibly as an option? :confused: (or did the PO keep them?)

Everyone seems to be dancing around my question, inc. the vendor on Ebay that sold me the replacement mast. :frowning_face: Can someone please just go measure the nut on their own antenna and let me know the size? :confused: Thanks in advance.

If an after market fitment, nuts may be different size. Do you have a photo?



Is this not a pretty big ask considering you already know exactly what you need measured and hence are uniquely positioned to do this yourself?


NO, and it’s not some aftermarket nut … I would think there is only an OEM for such a job, and that’s what Harlem has on her. :person_facepalming:

And how exactly would I do that … I mentioned I do not have Venier calipers … Put a ruler to it (?) :confused:

I’ll go ahead and ask on the other Jag forum website. I bet I get a direct answer (size) w/i an hour on there. I think I’m beginning to see now WHY they are the “biggest” Jag forum on the Internet (and not us - anymore?). :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ll return with the size and post on here for future reference, if anyone else asks.

Sorry Paul but sometimes a bit of self help goes a long way. Once you have a set then they become very useful:

I guess so … And I didn’t know they could be bought for that low of a cost or even that they now come with digital readout … (even at H.F.! :open_mouth: ) I was thinking they ran closer to $100s for some reason … I know dad always griped at the cost whenever he had to replace damaged or “missing” high-tech tools for his tool & die shop. In fact, if you are familiar with what a “Cadillac Gauge” is, one of his aggrieved former employees burglarizing the building ended up putting us out of biz by making off with it. :angry: IIRC, it’s a VERY large, workbench-mounted (w. marble top) device used to determine the hardness of steel and other metals to a very close tolerance using the tip of a large, high-quality industrial diamond. It cost $Ks and dad didn’t have insurance coverage that would cover the loss, nor was able to come up with enough $$ at that particular time to replace it :sob: (and we could never locate the burglar and therefore what he did with it).

Thanks … :smile:

If only someone could invent an adjustable wrench.

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I had thought about that, too, but didn’t want to risk scratching up or even possibly gouging the chrome (polished SS?) nut trying to use one on it (although I have to admit Harlem is no beauty queen in her current state :roll_eyes: ) … :grimacing: Once I know the size, I should easily and safely be able to r/r it with a closed end wrench … :triumph:

You’ve lost me. I posted a photo showing a 14mm open ended spanner on the nut (only 2 flats). Are you talking about a different nut?


Just stick a bit of electrical tape over the surfaces you don’t want to scratch, or on the inside of the adjustable wrench. Or, just be very careful.

Can you identify the nut from this parts diagram?


Looking again at the pic, that looks like an antenna nut, but if that’s a “14” for mm. on the wrench it can’t be the same as on Harlem, as, I mentioned before, even my 16 mm. was not big enough to fit on it. What model of car is that in the pic? :confused: