Antenna replacement for SIII

Hi Everyone,
Has anyone found a replacement power antenna that fits a 1985 XJ?
I just bought a new electric antenna and the rear light assembly won’t go back in since the replacement antenna is too bulky.

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When I replaced the OEM antenna in my '83 XJ-S with a generic aftermarket, there was a similar problem with the taillight housing. I fixed it by tilting the antenna so it swept rearward rather than pointing straight up. I thought it looked kinda cool that way, too.

The antenna motor design and its location in the Series III saloons is very different than the XJ-S. In the Series III there is very little room between the right fuel tank and the right tail light so Jaguar installed a design that had the motor in the spare tire wheel well and a long cable that snaked out to the right tail light area to raise and lower the antenna. Attached is a picture of the spare tire wheel well in my former 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas with the antenna motor circled in green.
Over the past 20 years I have only used the OEM units in my Series III XJ6s and XJ12 and they continued to work fine. I have no experience with aftermarket units and I don’t know where to find one that will work in a Series III XJ6 or XJ12.


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Try David Boger’s Everydayxj. Posts here from time to time. good guy. Large selection of Jaguars and parts good used and some NOS!!



Eons ago I replaced the antenna on my 1986 XJ6s3 with a generic. It has a remote motor attached with a flex shaft like the original. It’s been perfect for a couple of decades. I’m fairly certain that I got it from Welsh.


Yes, I was going to point out that “remote” cable-operated aftermarket antennas are available. Didn’t know that when I did mine, wish I had.

As Paul says, you need a set-up with a split motor and mast - the combined units won’t fit properly…

As a curio; when mine failed I I got a cheap aftermarket unit, split it and grafted the original conduit and mast with the motor part in the boot. It worked, but since I sourced an OEM and fitted that i never fitted the hybrid. What was the problem with your original…?

Adding that OEM came in two variants - with different electric wiring - adding to the fun…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Frank, the motor portion failed on my antenna.

thanks for the info Cad!

Subscribed, I should fix the antenna on my 85 also, though I don’t use the FM much any more.

I’m going to try a separate motor and mask that is being sold by Crutchfield, RetroSound PA-02 Power Antenna. I will post if it works out.

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Thanks Paul for the pics and info!

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I am a new to this site and I hope I can find some help (broken antenna). I have exposed the the antenna mast and support behind tail light as well as the remote motor. My next challenge is to remove motor. I have loosened the top bolt on mount but don’t know how to procede. I would appreciate any help or referral. Thank you.

I forgot to update after-market antenna installation, it did not work out for me.
I’m planning on getting OEM used parts to fix it later.

Welcome Alan,

first of all: what kind of car are we talking about? S II or III? Both were equipped with electric aerials in the wing corners and the motor separated.

Second question: what is your issue beyond “broken antenna”? Do you mean the mast is broken? Pic one looks a bit like that - it is possible to replace the mast. Or do you mean the motor is inoperative? - That is typically just an issue of fuses and resistance of the mast operation.

Finally, one answer: my PO replaced the original antenna with a similar, but cheaper, part, and simply put the motor into the fuel pump compartment. No problem for me and the last 15 years:-)

Good luck


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It has been a few years since I removed and replaced an antenna from a Series III XJ6 but you need to remove all of the fasteners and electrical wires connected to the antenna/motor body and then pull the mast and cable out through the trunk. I recommend disconnecting the battery and removing the spare tire first.
It is a bit tricky to pull the cable and antenna mast out that way, but that is the only way that I have done it.
Broken SIII antennas come up regularly on this list. I would not be surprised if one of the Jaguar parts suppliers in the USA like Moss Motors, Welsh Enterprises, SNG Barratt or Terry’s Jaguar parts carry a suitable replacement.
BTW, the last time that I had to do this was when my son left the antenna up in our former 1987 XJ6 Vanden Plas when he took it through a car wash. The aerial was bent in half. Luckily I had a good used one on hand that I removed from one of my three SIII XJ6 parts cars.


[quote=“Alan_Munson, post:13, topic:398466, full:true”]
I am a new to this site and I hope I can find some help (broken antenna). I have exposed the the antenna mast and support behind tail light as well as the remote motor. My next challenge is to remove motor. I have loosened the top bolt on mount but don’t know how to proceed. I would appreciate any help or referral. [/quote]

Welcome on board, Alan…

Being aftermarket, I’m not sure the Jaguar procedure fully applies - but Paul’s outline gives the general procedure…

Specifically; in the original set-up ‘half moon’ bracket is tightened against the wing by the circular ‘nut’ under it, and both must be removed.

Likewise, the bracket/clip shown hanging at the bottom of the antenna ‘well’ (where the mast is stored in its retracted position) must be removed. The mast must be in the retracted position, or, if broke; be snipped off before the threading operation, described by Paul, is feasible - after the motor is unbolted. If feasible; disconnect the driveline from the motor and withdraw the mast. The mast/well and motor then removed, and replaced, as a unit…

As an aside; only replacing the mast is basically done by disconnecting the driveline (connecting the mast to the motor through the flexible conduit), and withdrawing the mast upwards. The new mast/driveline is then inserted from above, and the driveline then connected to the motor.

There are some details that differ between two versions used by Jaguar and possibly with the aftermarket unit - but the ‘whole unit’ replacement should generally be the same…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Remove the bolt and pull the motor assembly upwards.

But removing the antenna completely is not that easy.
Either you have to separate the cable from the motor, you have to remove the big round cover and undo tha cable,
or you have to find a way to pass the antenna through the valance, and then pass it back in…

Car wash did it to me too Paul (my bad)

You’re right! Removing the top bolt completely frees the motor assembly, Disconnecting ground, drain, and 12 volt connection allowed me to pull cable from tail light compartment into boot and remove everything from boot. Many thanks…

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