Anti lock system / lightning warning lights and vcm fuse 5

on my xj40, those warning lights are on, + fuse 5 on the vcm. i tried to check if they are any fault code’s in the system by connecting the black an brown/pink wire in the trunk, but i didn’t get any fault codes.

could it be a relay isue? how do i test them?

thanks for helping me

my 91
3.2 xj40

Lights warning will be a bulb out somewhere in the system, check all the bulbs including the number plate lights and side repeater lights if fitted.
Some bulbs set a warning due to the base not being compatible material, I think its ones with brass bases. Fuse 5 might be an inline one, there are a few of those. Does your wiper park correctly when its switched off?
ABS might be a few things, there is a procedure to retrieve codes with the VCM button, its a long time since I had my ‘40 but I think you have to turn the engine off but only to the ACC position and then press the VCM?

Is the warning light for the for the anti-lock on constantly when driving?

The lightning warning is a duplicate blown fuse warning (as read on the VCM). If the VCM readout possibly says fuse “3” not fuse “5”, then that is a fuse located in the fuse box in the arm rest.

thanks for the reply’s. i’ve been misunderstood.
the warning lights are : anti lock braking system and electricity symbol

  • on the vcm, i have “fuse 5” mentioned.
    can somebody sent me a link for the procedure for retrieving the codes from braking system. i tought i have to connect the black and brown pink wires in the trunk, an just put the contact on acc.?

i followed this for the diagnose.

but i don’t get any fault codes

I ask again; Is the anti-lock warning light on constantly when you are driving the car?

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its constantly on.

fuses in the armrest are checked and ok

i changed the white and yellow relais (on the blower motor), but no changes

stupid. power supply of the in line 30 amp fuse was loosen. connected, and all good now :slightly_smiling_face: smiling_face: