Anti theft device

Hi all,
Our son’s F Pace was stolen from the street recently by breaking the glass in the rear window and then somehow being driving off.
The tracker went dead after 15 mins at which point it was presumed that the car was driven into a container. The insurance paid up almost immediately.
Restoring my XK120FHC, in addition to a fairly visible and driver accessible battery cut off switch (safety rather than security) I am fitting a hidden cut off switch on the feed to the fuel pump, both for safety and security. It is very simple on this basic electrics car.
This seems like a good idea for his next F Pace. However modern electrics are a lot more sophisticated.
Does anyone know if cutting off the power to the fuel pump on a 2019 F Pace SVR would have any collateral damage to any of the rest of the electric/electronics when switched on again, or additionally whether there could be any other ramifications, for example error codes coming up?