Antifreeze. coolant in forward carburetor- update 9/24/23 WHT is the leak?

thanks John. found it at Terry’s because last time I ordered from MM it took 8 days.

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Here’s two pics of the intake gasket right after I removed the manifold. What did I do wrong?

have others but these are representative, I think

Are you certain both mating surfaces are perfectly flat?

the heads a complete rebuild so that should have been checked. I don’t have a quality straight edge.

They look fine.

Thinking of separating carbs from manifold and taking that in for a edge check and pressure test.

PS: John, it took three shipments to get an unbent intake gasket

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Agree with others: you have to use a machinists ruler and check for flatness on both manifold and the head. The gasket looks like it was installed just fine. I still think that it is worth the effort to check the cylinder head for Pressure leaks.

You mean checking the water passages for leaks, right? A leakdown test will only check the head gasket.

I am still trying to figure out how I am going to pressurize the head water passages, 2 round ok, ok stoppers, two elongated ovals? Magic?

Hi Bill…where you went wrong was not putting sealant around the waterways on both sides of the gasket…Steve

Not saying you are wrong but, I don’t see any witness of a leak in those pics, do you?

and do you think I need the HIgh tack even on a new cometic gasket?

Hi Bill…dont know the requirements for cometic…i dont use them…how about underside of the gasket…Steve

reverse side, just peeled it off carefully, mostly unstuck.

maybe t his is a better pic:

Hi Bill…it dosnt prove that it hasnt leaked…in my opinion the water ways need sealant your dosnt have sealant and youve had leaks…to me i would seal it and refit carbs…Steve

Yes, your second suggestion is exactly what I’m thinking, however, it’s pretty impossible to do it without having the intake manifold on.

too pressure test, If I have the manifold on, can I ignore sealing the heating tube that runs through it? but, I would still have to block off the thermostat bypass somehow?

also, where are you on the cometic/standard gasket/HIghTack debate?

I think the Comeric gasket is a good idea, but you still have to have two flat surfaces to clamp it between! To do the pressure test with the intake manifold on, you still have to seal any passage that water is in.

yes, but my thinking is with manifold (only) on…the only thing with water is the thermostat entrance and the by bass entrance…the manifold water heat passage will not be connected…am I right on that?

I put a 6 in machinist’s scale on the head and I cannot detect a gap…but, that’s not a 24 inch machinist’s straight edge…which is one of those things I always meant to get but never did.

Here you go

Straightedges, with Beveled Edge, Steel, 24" Length

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They are kind of proud of that at $205.

Here’s one with the same ± spec.

They had ones considerably less expensive as well, but the $205 one has a tapered edge which IMO would be easier to see visually. But at $38, that’s a hell of a price

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For hobbyist use, that’s more than sufficient.