Antifreeze. coolant in forward carburetor- update 9/24/23 WHT is the leak?


Removed 100 lbs of stuff. Took manifold to machineshop and had it planed. It was onlyout about .003 but, since I had it out…

Install cometic gasket with Hi tack:

reattach hoses. put in one gallon of water. Attach universal PT device:

7 lbs and now we’ll see.

If anyone can get to those manifold bolts with a torque wrench , specifically the second from left bottom, let me know, I want to buy you a beer.

I never used a torque wrench in my life on those nuts I just know what setting is, in my wrist!

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not saying it’s wrong but I didn’t, Jaguar didn’t. - at least with. the steel gasket - and no leaks so far.

good luck with the pressure test!!

Hi David…but Jaguar were dealing with all new machined parts and they did put 2 bottles of bars leaks into the coolant…Steve

22 hours and still holding pressure.

I will now fill the system with plain water and retest to see if I have any leaks though, I don’t see how if it’s holding air it can’t hold water at 7 psi.

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A correct assumption, but best to be thorough.

Hi Bill…good news…just for interest you used sealant with the Cometic gasket…iv never used Cometic…did they reccomend to use the sealant…thanks…Steve

No, they didn’t recommend it. But after r and r that thing twice I was ready to weld it on.

This is the first time i have ever used sealant on an intake manifold. I miss those little orange colored gaskets I used to have on my spitfire

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