Any body know what this is?

Seems I removed the ID tag when I was painting this and now have no idea what it is. 1949 MK V

I’ll let you know if you post photo’s of the overdrive installation! :laughing:

Well, it’s been a long time coming. I bought a Volvo P1800 Tranny with a Laycock overdrive but am still not sure how much I have to pay for it. I made and aluminum adaptor plate to mate it to the Jag block. The entire set up is 3/4” longer. I took the tranny to Sandwich, MA to a guy that excels in P1800’s and he checked out the entire unit including all the switches. Monday I start to assemble the motor/tranny andbfigure out how to position the vehicle so we can lift the engine from underneath. At this point, I have no idea what might or will not fit. Don’t know if the short shaft will have enough play to accommodate the extra 3/4”. I can give more info on Wednesday. Then I have to take a brake to go move a yacht from Bermuda to Nova Scotia. I’ll be back on the project by the 1st of August if the weather is kind!
I’ll post photos of the installation if wanted. I’m just happy to possibly get a 5th gear,

Yes, please!

How ironic is your question! :wink:

Tough for some! :laughing:

Hear from you soon,


Hi Tim,

AFAIK that is only the early version. On my #647194 the rear mounting is just like in XK120 with two round rubber mounts in a V shape and a different bracket.


Yes, that’s right, it’s the flat ‘sandwich’ metal rubber one which I had replaced on my car too as it was causing terrible vibrations around 2’000 rpm. I had it replaced with this one which is a newly fabricated version of the XK120 version, made in Australia.


Ps. Is it warm in Finlandia at the moment?



Not very, it’s ok. We had a heat wave at the time I was traveling with my wife, in Italy and Slovenia (&Switzerland, Austria, Germany) where it was ca 35-38C, a bit too much for me! :laughing:

Yesterday took my niece & her new husband from our local church to the heart of the city! (No more thread-jacking!)


Ps. The two ”coupes”are only 25 years apart!

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Some years ago I replaced the sandwich in my SS with a new one from Barratts and soon after swapped the old one back in. The rubber in the new one was very much harder than the original.


I had heard that, however, the one I have from the Australian manufacturer was just right and the vibration has gone. :sunglasses:


Hi Tim, Could you publish a link?



Hi Peter,

He’s not listing them on his website so I’ll call tomorrow and ask, then I’ll let you know.


Wonderful way to display your car. Chauffeuring a family wedding is always a treat! You can hijack any of my topics with photos of your car.
I have the squished sandwich mount but the Volvo Tranny has the round type. I’ll have to see what fits the new “marriage”. I’m hoping the extra 3/4” in total length doesn’t become a problem. I think it’ll all be involved with the short propeller shaft. I’ll find out this week!

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Yep, rear trans mount for early type rectangular mount.
View from the bottom. I had the chassis upside down at the time of the pic.
chassis 009

Nice pix Pekka, we wish them well.

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Sadly, they have shut down their business. I was fortunate to have bought one. By way of a suggestion, would it not be possible to substitute a softer rubber bush on the spindle type you purchased from SNG? I couldn’t find the spindle type on their website which looks like this;


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Thanks Tim,

The SS and MkIV can’t use the type in your photo. The mounting that I bought from Barratts was the sandwich type and yes it would be possible to specify a softer rubber compound in the sandwich but I’m not aware of anyone offering that as a standard part.

The SS & MkIV gearbox rear casing sits squarely on top of the principal chassis cross member and a change to the foreshortened gearbox rear casing used in the SS100 or the similar one used in the MkVII would give more freedom to modify but I’d rather keep the car as standard.



Hello Peter,

I can see that from your image and from those I have of my MKIV. Being fixed to a rigid section of the chassis, and not sitting freely as it is on the MKV, might mitigate the vibration? I wonder if SNG might offer a softer rubber insert if enough people requested it? I have seen that a number of Jag suppliers offer the flat / sandwich type and would assume that they all come from one manufacturer. Maybe some company in the UK might offer a softer rubber insert? I’ve often wondered how the rubber is adhered to the metal?


The SS through early Mark V rectangular style front and rear mounts are the same as early XK120, and the later Mark V round mounts are the same as later XK120, so there certainly is still a market served by the main vendors. Metalastik was the original manufacturer.

There’s a reason owners hire a delivery crew for that.
1000 mile slog upwind, UGGG!

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The more I see your Mk V, the more I think its current patina should be left as-is!