Any feedback on xemodex abs rebuilder

Broken wire, corrosion at a connector. Check continuity between the connector for the speed sensor, and the ABS computer. An outside possibility could be the toothed wheel in the hub. Pull the sensor, look thru the hole with a flashlight, rotate the hub, and make sure the toothed wheel is intact thruout its rotation.

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From what I am reading it sounds like a very minor issue with the toothed ring could throw a fault in ABS. What part do I buy to replace the ring? Is it just part of the bearing? Sorry for the extremely green questions here. It looks maybe this is the part here, Jaguar XJ6 XJS XJ40 X300 Hub Sensor Rotor Reluctor CBC4705

That’s the part. You MIGHT be able to replace it without pulling the whole hub assembly off the car, but its a big job either way. Check your wiring first, and look thru the hole at the reluctor wheel as you rotate the hub. If it’s intact, that’s not the issue. You can also verify that the wheel sensor you got is good, with a multimeter or an oscilloscope.

Ok, I will do as you advise before buying any parts. Maybe we should do the bearings though? Is there any chance the error is in the main ECU? The ABS unit checks out fine. When I measured resistance of the speed sensor at the 32 pin harness that also looked good.

Sure, it could be the ECU. Cracked solder joint, or a bad component. If you have a good signal up to the ECU, that’s all that’s left.

Just checking resistance won’t check for the pulsed signal. You need to make sure you are getting pulses.

We took the sensor out today and found it was cracked! doh!!! Gary from jagbits is being gracious enough to replace it since we recently purchased. Will update after we replace. thx everyone!!

I replaced the cracked sensor with a good working one and am still getting the light. I see two DTC C1175 which is the same as before and now C1261 Rear left sensor - wheel speed comparison. Does this mean the left sensor is sensing a different speed then the other sensor modules…so maybe it is the bearing or toothed ring throwing it off?

SOLVED! I unplugged the speed sensor from under the seat, cleaned its contacts on both ends, plugged it back in and then cleared the DTC. Drove it around and light stayed off…voila!