Any ideas if it is a real Jaguar?

Dear Jag lovers,
I am Alexander, automotive enthusiast from Russia. My hobby is car collectible items from the 80’s, one of which is bubble gum wrappers. I have identified sources for many of them already (car brochures, catalogues, magazines or press photos), but this Jaguar is exception. I have received confirmation from Jaguar that it is not their official project.
I was also consulted by tuning experts (, but they had no idea what it could be and who is the author of this design.
So it could be someone’s own project, designer sketch or maybe ad of some alloy wheel producer.
Please don’t pay any attention on name and characteristics of this item (Turks, who produced this bubble gum series often mixed them and made errors). Ozel Yapim means custom project in Turkish.
For sure it is not a creative work of Turkish confectionary factory, they could only change background, but not draw car by themselves.
Have you got any ideas what this wonder Jaguar could be? Or where it came from?
Any ideas are more than welcome!

привет друг!

I cannot say for certain, but it certainly bears no resemblance to any real XJ6 racer Ive ever seen.

In Britain, ack in its day, there was a class, called “mod sports,” where highly modified cars were run, and it might be an artist’s interpretation of one.

Спасибо, друг)
Thank you, Paul! It is already some key. Are there any mod sports web links available?

Leyland Cars used to run a two door XJ race car around that time and The Avengers tv series also used a two door V12 XJ built by Broadspeed that John Steed drove around in.

Thank you, Rodney! I saw all wide body Jaguars which I could find in the Web, and I watched some episodes from the Avengers as well)
So I am prepared to investigation and searched all possible sources. That’s why I am here now.
What was the most matching from what was found in the Web is this one XJ6 project, but it is from 2010’s
And of course it is different from what I am searching.

All I know is German company Arden who make bodykits that don’t look too bad, and the Broadspeed cars which are in their own league, race cars.
It might be a custom, but certainly either one-off or just a painting.
270 with the standard 300ps and that gigantic spoiler and tires is definitely a stretch))
The other two data points are good.

Found this one…

Das vedanya!

Spasibo, Paul and David!)

It’s for sure not Arden (or at least not their standard product). Regarding Modsport it seems to me a more realistic version. Although I didn’t find any Xj6 in the database you mentioned, but car body styles look in the same way. And what is principal, there is no security carcass inside, same as in the attached monster Jag

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It looks like a Series 3 Daimler that was stationary in traffic when it got HEAVILY rear-ended by a Porsche 911 Turbo (whose distracted driver is now finishing his text message from inside the passenger glove box).

There was a company called Chasseur that used to turbocharge XJ40s and the last of the S3 XJ12s IIRC


Yes, I recall having once seen in the UK a turbo charged XJ40 with a wide body kit etc, I think it was called “Chasseur Steath” or something like that, but no idea that they would also have done an XJ12. Then again, why not?