Any ideas on where to obtain a tool to open this ECU?

I recently obtained an ECU from a 95 XJS. I was hoping to take a peak inside the box but so have had no luck. Does anyone know where I could obtain the special tool required to remove these four star shaped screws? The center pin is flush with the top of the screw.

Its a tamper-resistant torx. Many options on Amazon.

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Harbor Freight sells a set of 135 Security Bits that has bit you need. If I recall correctly the set was under $10.


Yep, Harbor Freight.

There are Youtubes of folk performing surgery on ECU, (non-Jag)

The board is often encased in a thick Gel

The failed components are often known from the diagnosis, burn marks, or the knowledge base

The faulty part, usually a capacitor or FET is de-soldered, and replaced

amazing what people get up to, especially as the ones I am talking of are available for exchange/repair from several vendors

There was a guy in the UK, Roger Bywater? that did repair the Jag ones, but I believe he is well past retirement age and no longer does this work