Any parts off a XJ40 needed for '87 XJ6 series 3?

I’m in the process of scrapping a very toast 93 XJ40.
Can anyone think of any cross over parts to grab for my '87 XJ6?
So far I’ve only grabbed relays and will pull out seat motor to see if it’s the same.
AC Amplifier?

Off hand I can’t think of anything that would cross over. They’re very different cars.

AC Amp—no, different animal

Grab the Xj40 wheels if you like them


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The xj40 use the identical Kiekert door lock motors, Brian - direct replacement. It even has the combination motor/control unit for remote locking - though the actual locking mechanisms differ. The rear diff cage has also been transplanted - giving outside brakes? Driving computer and cruise control? front calipers and discs?

I suspect there are more - some xj40 items were fitted to late SIIIs as those part bins were emptied? Drivetrain and body differ more than marginally…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Two main bits that can be used to upgrade an S3 (or earlier) are the driveline and the seats, if in good condition. Other than that, you’re really looking at two entirely different cars, one designed in the late 60s and the other in the 80s.

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Good thought about the Kiekert motors.

The IRS cage is different though, and I believe the diff as well. But the hubs look the same so it could maybe work.
Front hubs, calipers and discs could also be the same, but not sure.

Many answers can be found here:

There are lots of parts or sub-assemblies between the two cars that look similar at a glance but they do not directly cross-over.

Upgrading to XJ40 design components (seats, hubs, brakes, IRS, whatever) my be possible with some effort.

A Series III owner looking for compatible parts would probably have better luck picking the bones of a pre-facelift XJS.

XJ40 and X300 cars have a lot of shared DNA so there’s good possibilities there as well.



Thanks all, just wanted to make sure before I send this off to the scrap.
Fairly sure all the locks/windows etc in the XJ40 are toast but will check :slight_smile: