Any progress on using old site?

Just curious if any progress (or if you’re even still trying) is being made to allow us to view enlarged photos on the old site’s photo albums.

When I try to enlarge the pictures to viewable size 95% of the time I get the little blue square with the question mark in it. I’m using a Mac mini with safari. Very annoying as the old photo albums are a wealth of past information. I’m specifically talking about the XJ40, but I believe all the albums do the same thing.

Is there any work around on this … hmm ?

Ummm … 10 days and no reply Gunnar, show us a little love :heart_eyes:

Try this… @gunnar:grimacing:

No, nothing is happening unless we find a volunteer to do the programming.

We need a new Andrew, quite simply.


Man, that is gonna be a huuuuge mountain. I miss the guy in maybe not the worst way: JL misses him in that worse way, in soooo many ways.