Any thoughts on this FHC's modifications?

Hard to be sure, but it looks to me like much of the bodywork o that car is really cr@p. Doors and bonnet look seriously messed up, with wildly poor alignment and gaps all around.


Yaps, that’s the first thing I’ve noticed as well.
All this time and money for a super high polished paint job but no care for the fundamentals.
Not impressed with the doors upholstery and head-liner either.
An the indicators scheme is plain ugly. What was wrong with the nice original lights?

A poster child for why people don’t like modified cars. Even in poor photos the Frenching around the tail lamps is not symmetric and maybe a guy could live with some large gaps (rt. bonnet edge), but they could at least be the same left and right. Flaring rear wheel wells is not a job for people who do the simpler stuff badly. That car is a wreck.

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Did anyone else notice what they used for a lifting point on the passenger side front?

For roughly the same money so far.

BAT is under new ownership. The site is now becoming a platform for sophisticated sellers using state of the art photography to brilliantly present their cars. Most of the sellers seem to be reputable but people seem so enamored with the photography - which is brilliant- that they don’t realize that it may be covering flaws and don’t ask the same questions of these cars that they do of lesser cars.
I’ve seen BAT viewers trash a very nice driver level E type because it failed the magnet test on one panel or didn’t offer a paint thickness reading or a leak down or compression test. Yet on these high level presentations people are more concerned with what camera was used.
It will be interesting to see where this winds up. It had a Buy It Now of $64K on EBay in 2015 when the seller acquired it. Not much done since then.
But that exhaust does sound sweet

The exhaust of every car that particular seller markets on BaT sounds pretty much the same - sweet and loud. He is the only regular seller I’ve noticed who appears to have invested in a decent external microphone system that, when combined with some spirited driving, makes for an entertaining driving video. Just like the “glamour photo shots” though, the videos often don’t provide the information a serious buyer would be looking for - namely, the oil pressure, coolant temperature, charging system health, unusual noises from the drivetrain, suspension etc. I agree that sellers of cars like this one rarely get the 3rd degree interrogation that lesser cars receive. If detailed documentation is presented of the restoration of the car, that is understandable to some degree, but in this case nothing has been provided. I’ve made comments to that effect on the auction, but I don’t expect the seller to provide anything. They will probably ride the wave of positive comments (based more on the quality of the presentation than the quality of the car IMO) to a successful sale at significantly more than market value. Provided there is no deception, I say good luck to them. They are making the best of what they are given to sell, and it’s up to the interested bidders to do due diligence. It will be interesting to see how far this one goes.

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Not that I’m interested in this car but I had the same thoughts as David and wondered what noises might becoming from the engine, gearbox and rear end which are being hidden by the loud exhaust which appears to entertain most viewers.

Andy 69FHC and in far better condition.

Davidxk picked up on my poor attempt at irony about the exhaust. It may be hiding a multitude of sins - or not. Gauge views are now expected in driving videos. I have one non Jag classic that has had an engine swap which increased hp significantly. I drive that car much differently than my stock Jaguars. It absorbs a lot more abuse and requires more and proper maintenance. People don’t mod engines to look at them.
At the very least I would want to see compression and leak down numbers.
But David is right- as long as there is no misrepresentation buyers are free to spend their money as they wish and decide to do due diligence, PPI or not.
As an owner I hope they bring the highest possible price and I now know what to do if I ever sell a car on BAT again - although no complaints on the one I sold
What’s the over/under on $90k for this car.

I’ve tried to duplicate that great sounding exhaust tone on videos with an external microphone and failed miserably!

If anyone out there has the secret sauce could you please share?


I’ve seen this car in person and while it has some paint blemishes and other apparent issues it is a nice looking car that might be a driver. I didn’t drive it though. I was looking for a buyer from Paradise, CA who had lost all his cars and wanted something higher level.

A recent “Stig” drive of another E-type appeared to be taped at “double time”, which made for a more exciting, albeit unrealistic video. The peanut gallery loved it. This one appears to be at real time. Too bad the instruments aren’t visible.

The car belongs to a friend of mine. I drove it through the Grand Circle Oil Leak Tour in 2018… Mechanically it’s a stock E Type with triple carbs, and a stock exhaust system after the headers. There is nothing wrong with the car - it’s tight, quiet inside and runs and stops like it should. We ran it through some exceptional rain storms on the way back and it’s dry. Avant Gard, the Portland seller’s agent, puts the mic right by the exhaust exit. They do it with every car they sell. It’s a beautiful car with an exceptional paint job. The nit picking on this car is amazing.


The nitpicking and discussion are more about the photography than the car. Actually, very little has been said about the car. The concern is that the photography is not presenting the car the way it appears in “real life” and that the camera is hiding something- which apparently is not the case…
thanks for clarifying how those exhaust sounds were created .

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The fitting of power steering would be a big turn off for me. Six cylinder E types do not need PAS.


Hi Terry,

Ok, it may be nice, but to my eyes in those photos it is disturbing that the bonnet and the doors are not aligned to the body, as they were on all 70.000+ cars at the factory. It could be fixed, but usually it makes sense to fix all that prior to painting the car. Just my two euro cents.


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I noticed an asymmetry when looking at the frontal view on photo #9. It appears that the right ( passenger) bonnet wing does not have the same curvature as the left one, its flatter. Hopefully lightning is the issue but photo #40 and 41 somewhat confirm it. Again, hopefully an optical illusion.


“I noticed an asymmetry when looking at the frontal view on photo #9.”

I saw that also and attributed it to lighting, otherwise the sight lines in other views would be all wrong.

I live in Portland and know the consignor. To my knowledge, he doesn’t represent bad cars. I can see the shut lines are off a bit, but you guys have a better eye than I do. This looks like a pretty nice restomod to me.