Anybody know where to find these?


2004 XJ8 runs like a charm but needs some small cosmetics. Anyone know where to find these “buttons?”

Isn’t it a power outlet?

Are you after a cover ?

Thanks for responding. Just the cover.

It’s the cigar lighter, isn’t it? I’d replace it with a USB socket. 30 minutes work, tops.

Yes it’s the cigar lighter which I think needs a cover. I really don’t want any unnecessary draws on my battery no matter how small. Just a weird quirk I have - in case anyone is reading too much into this - and I think a 2nd “button” looks clean. I did get a “logo” cap but not a perfect fit or good look. I was thinking maybe a 3D printer could match it worse comes to worst.

There’d only be a draw if there was something pulling current from it…but…whatever. Each to his own, I guess.

Best of luck in your search.

Honest and sincere questions-doesn’t the lighter if used or charger if attached to the lighter draw from the matter and isn’t it always a “ongoing” draw so when used it is in “ready mode?” I admit I am a “casual.”

The cigar lighter only draws current when activated by pushing it in. Otherwise it does not draw any current at all. A UBS power point adaptor will draw microamps when not in use. Not enough to worry about.

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Or if it has a light in it. 20mA

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Grahamess and Andy K, all, much appreciated. I’m starting practically ground-up but enjoying the ride(s) thanks to patience such as yours. Will update upon completion of the final project. Leaning “charger” now…