Anyone Ever Change AC Lines?

Ahoy !
2002 S-Type; 4.0L V-8; Naturally Aspirated
Anyone have any tips/tricks on R&R the AC line that connects to the evaporator ?
This is the line that is part hose/part aluminum tubing wrapped in foil; exits evaporator at the firewall, runs Right to the fender then forward inside the engine bay along the fender toward. Along the fender, it is below the coolant lines.
I’m fairly certain the AC line has corroded beneath the foil wrap; re: hearing hissing while attempting to evacuate the system.
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro, U.S.A.

Ahoy !
Re: 2001 4.0L V8; Naturally Aspirated: LH drive
Engine wiring harness is mounted to a bracket directly above the AC lines at the firewall.
Unclamping the harness from the bracket does not provide enough slack in the harness allowing it to be pushed up and over the bracket. (I need to get the harness out of the way so I can see if I can remove the AC lines from the engine bay side.)
Do I have to start disconnecting the harness from the engine in order to gain sufficient slack to move the harness up, over and out of the way ? Does disconnecting the harness through a fault that may prevent the engine from restarting until cleared ?
Keep in mind, this is the 8-cyl. engine. Six-cylinder engine may not have the obstruction of the harness.
Just trying to avoid unnecessary work, especially if I end up breaking something during an unnecessary procedure.
Thank you.
Richard Cielec
Greater Metro Chicago, Ill; U.S.A.
ps: “Ain’t” no one ever changed out the AC lines or the evaporator ?