Anyone ever put a cummins diesel in xjs? Or other?

(JLo) #1

Hi guys,

Had anyone ever put a 4 or 6bt on similar in an xjs? Thanks for your input.

(Motley) #2

Close - 6BT into XJ6 of some sort (sorry, I lose track at about 1979)

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Wow thanks for this!

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Is this your conversion?

(ronbros) #5

not a Cummins, but there is a guy in FT. Worth TX, with a GM Duramax diesel, into Ford Mustang that did 205MPH.

at the texas mile race course, stock engine ,with big turbo and water/alcohol injection!

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #6

I was bored yesterday. Lousy weather. Poor TV. So, I rewatched a supposedly new series. I’d seen it before. Diesel Bros. Nuts with skills in charge. Creating huge trucks, diesel installs.

The tamest, a mid 70’s El Camino. It got a Duramax.
Not bad, in a grotesque sort of way…

But, I think the Cummins is bigger, so, I might not fir.

If a Duromax will fit the space designed for an SBC and an SBC will fit an XJS, sorta, then a Duramax will fit an XJS. Have I related a syllogism?


(ronbros) #7

a Duramax would for sure go into an XJS, hey this guy got one into 2002 Mustang!

like said 10yr old idea, if i could find an AUDI V12 Diesel from an Audi Q7 V12 SUV, i would want only the engine and computer+harness.

stock engine and just a reprogram of the box and a better exhaust sytem, 600HP,750 torque, Yeah! that would push my XJS down the road OK.

and i’m bettin 30+ MPG.

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carl , here is one of my little darling Diesels , .

Opel 4cyl. i added a turbo just for chuckles,(rear mounted), hey it works , have measured 10/12 psi in the inlet manifold, it scoots!

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never said it was an off road vehicle!!LOL,LLOL.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #11

Now, that is interesting!!! A very long pipe from the rear to the front!!!

Only time I’ve played with a turbo was on my raggedy a…’ d 65 Corvair It was fun. After market . headers mounted backwards. Custom two to one pipe to feet the turbo. After market "mufller’. I’cve forgotten it’s brand. A removable baffle design. I removed all of 'em. And a decent Webber DHOE 45 in lieu of the odd Carter side draft.

It ran great for a while. Missed a 5th gear, though.
Lost to a cam that went flat and realization that it’s lousy body was beyond a reasonable fix.


(Robert and Darlene Stevenson) #12

Corvair’s, loved them! Over a period of a few years my son and I owned at least five maybe six 1965 or 1966 Corvair’s, but only one turbo and the thing I most remember about it was the turbo lag was terrible!
Plymouth, Mi.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #13

Perhaps, that is what I battled unbeknownst to me !! Education in progress.


(ronbros) #14

turbo sizing to reduce lag is tricky business, often time what you think is correct is just the oppisite!

but todays modern turbos are lightyears better, and for small engines variable geometry are very good!

check how many new cars have turbochargers, dozens! cant all be wrong!

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variable geometry turbos ,can produce boost at low speeds and hi speeds, with almost no lag,hardly perceptible!

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hey carl ? can you identify this crankshaft??

found it at a garage sale, $5. bucks.

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(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #18


For sure? Nope. My guess. A two cylinder motor
cycle engine. Or a small auxiliary power diesel, ala Perkins.

Beautiful machinist’s craft, whatever it’s genre. I’da paid the 5 as did you, just to have it around.


(ronbros) #19

it is from a Mazda Rotary RX7 model 13B, thats a two rotor engine, they can stack them together to make 3 rotors or a 4rotor engine!

my Mazda 13B turbocharged, only 1.3L made 490 whp, at 8000rpm! in a 2700lb car it is a very quick ride!

i always like weird unusual engines, you probably figured that out by now.,LOL, and my diesels etc.
thanks Ron

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #20

Never saw the guts of a Mazda rotary. Tempted to get one, once. It’s owner and I could not agree on a price. I suspect it was that way to keep peace with his SWMBO and his car!!

How many IC’s are around here? Aside from the cars, all one bangers.

Decades ago, son and I messed with a passel of Renaults. Super cheap at the time, some free!!! Walkaways in SOCAL not uncommon at the time.

He still has a Dauphine, “bajaized” sorta. At rest for the present. He swapped a Caravelle for an ancient
case tractor, recently. It works. Recent past time, buying ancient cast off CNC mills and up dating the controls . Makes products from plastic and alloy for sale. I watched the littlest one in action. Cut a spacer for adding a carb to a TPI intake. Some folks do that. Racing where carbs are lmited to two throat.