Anyone found a way to get back to black?

Trying to get the plastic trim pieces back to glossy black, currently dull grey. Any tips or products that work? That are available in th US.

forgot the photo.

There is paint that can be used on plastic.

Yes I am thinking of going that way, were they gloss black from the factory?

Not gloss. More like satin or semi-gloss.

I use Maguires Ultimate Black at the moment, I found it’s about the best of all the available
’ back to black ’ products that I’ve tried so far. It’s not a permanent fix but it lasts about 6 to 8 washes and seems to get better with each application. Another product I liked was Turtle Wax Extreme Nano Technology tyre dressing but I havent’ been able to find it for a while. The window frames on my car are satin black rather than chrome and the turtle wax stuff makes them look like new, it also lasts for about a year too.

Anyone ever try black shoe polish?

Have to agree with Casso , maguires , i just this very day used it on my car , does a god job .

Try it. It works on scratches. It will probably come out a bit spotty and not look as great as the ‚proper oils‘ that are probably silicone based or whatever.