Anyone have a Series 3 XJ6 distributor and amplifier for sale?

Looking for an etype back up and the series 3 is the bullet proof best. Anyone have a set for sale?

I have a nice set but want to keep it for now (spare!), that being said why don’t you get the 123? Less wires, no amplifier to mount and you can set the right curves according to your setup :slightly_smiling_face: And it’s a brand new more precise part and unlikely to wear out! For a back up, I wouldn’t want to have to mount the amplifier and so on - or do you have the S3 setup installed already?


I have that coming
This is a back up for my mk2 with a 4.2 in it
It runs flawless

David Boger at everydayxj can probably provide a good one for a reasonable price…

Posts here from time to time and a good guy.


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Thank you…

i may have one. i can check tomorrow

I have one if you’re still looking.

Thank you guys a donor arrived already…if it doesn’t work Illtext okay?
Thanks again.