Anyone have a spare of the locking tab at the end of the fuel door lock?

(Douglas) #1

My '89 has the fuel door lock in place and I have a key for it and the lock works just fine. But at some point in the past the door was clearly forced open as the tab piece on the end of the lock that pivots behind the piece bolted to the car body is snapped off.

It’s just a small part that I can probably fabricate if I need to but if someone has one lying about I’d gladly buy it. Thanks!

Here’s a picture I found online of the tab piece on the inner end of a lock barrel.lock%20tab

(Robert King) #2

Try Dorman, they offer a wide variety of automotive hardware. That retainer is similar to most 60s vintage US cars.

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #3

You’re looking for the arm, not the clip, right?

(Douglas) #4

Yes that’s right. I have the little horseshoe shaped clip that holds the arm on the end of the lock cylinder. My arm piece is present (the part that is a square with cut corner) but the part that extends out (and pivots) is snapped off most likely from brute force from a PO or gas thief.

(scrimbo) #5

Those look just about like std cabinet locks …there are many arm styles available. …a big hdwe. store might have it.

(Douglas) #6

That’s a good point. Will have to take a look. I’m always disappointed by the odds and ends type of pieces at Home Depot these days though (my only major near hardware). Will have to seek elsewhere possibly. Lots of things I could modify to fit no doubt. I want it to look good though (probably more thinking of appearance than function as none of my other cars have a locking gas cap anyhow and that’s never caused me grief).

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #7

Yeah, I think I’d be looking at a junkyard rather than a Home Depot.

(Douglas) #8

Yeah I should–I have yet to find any good yards though that are anywhere close to me in the DMV.

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #9

Y’know, there are file cabinets and desk drawers with very similar locking mechanisms. I wonder if one of them would fit? Not just the tab, but the entire tumbler? You’d end up with a different gas cap key, but that’s no biggie.

(scrimbo) #10

the reason I mentioned cabinet locks is that they have the square hole for the lever…and l have installed many and they could be bent or formed as needed…if you could get a long one…now here is one of my specialty suppliers…MOORE INDUSTRIAL HARDWARE IN CINCINATTI, OHIO they specialize in locks, industrial and truck locks, hinges and much misc. hardware not normally carried by a walk-in hardware store…also Graingers.

(scrimbo) #11

P.s. Follow up with how you fix it

(Douglas) #12

Yes I will! Hopefully going to be able to address it this weekend (if there is some good weather)! I think I may try fashioning a part with what I have left.

I’ve tried looking elsewhere and might have a lead on eBay for the part I need but I’m not sure yet. Will definitely be back to this thread soon!

(Douglas) #13

Yeah it just might! Different key would be no big deal as you say. Might not be able to get a new cylinder fitted in the fuel door as well though.

Say, speaking of keys–any thoughts on how to get a new valet key (the one that does just the doors and not the trunk or glove box? The PO didn’t have such a key when I bought the car. It had just the ignition key and the big key for doors, trunk, glove box, and fuel door).

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