Anyone here re-make fuel injector wiring harness?

Help! I got my new connector and cut off the old - but forgot to label the 4 pink/black wires (power) on the supply side of the connector (between the connector and the main relay). Does it matter how I reconnect these - as long as they go to a pink/black wire on the harness side of the connector?

Its not all that important how the Pink/Black wires are hooked up other than having them hooked up wrong could make diagnosing why a bank is failing confusing. But the ECU grounds the injectors to control them, so the ECU doesn’t care where the power is coming from.

You should be able to figure out which wires go through which injectors by doing some ohm/continuity testing. For any Pink/Black wire there should be 3 injectors it feeds at around 2.5Ohms each (I believe). So that’s 0.133 Ohms in parallel… roughly… for any particular Orange/X-Color control ground wire.

~Paul K.

Paul do you have a similar diagram for the Pre He with D jetronic injector wiring colour code. I understand wiring to the 8 wire amplilifer plug is different. Thank Al

I can’t say it’s similar. All I have is a version of the ENTIRE pre-HE circuit that I’ve colorized (so it has the wiring colors on that portion of the circuit). The early diagrams weren’t as good as the later ones.

79-80_Electrical_Main Circuit Colorized v1.1.pdf (3.4 MB)

EFI Section


I just noticed what I think may be a mistake for #3 wire color. OP is likely Orange/Purple.

~Paul K.

Thanks Paul that will be handy to make sure the power and grounds are conected to the correct pin numbers of the 8 pin amp plug.
From the wiring digrams the pin number are different between PreHe and the He.

I am in the process of bunding up the A and B bank injector harness and marking the individual new harness wires i have made up to match the 8 pin amp numbers. Thanks for your help Regards Al

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Thanks for the info Paul - I had the pink/black supply lines to the injectors OK. It was from the main relay to the connector that had me stumped. However, a quick review of the wiring diagram and a continuity check - and I ID’ed which one was for the A bank and which was for the B. Harness done and installed - I was a bit conservative using the high temp wire, heavy duty shrink rap and high temp loom. It is a bit stiff (big surprise).

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