Anyone install power windows in lumped XK140 or other classic XK?

(baloo) #1

I have a '56 XK140 FHC (hardtop, coupe) with 5.0 Mustang engine and aftermarket wiring kit.
Want power windows.

Would appreciate any advice on type of aftermarket universal power units (or even modifying units from existing cars)?
Also, any tips on installation?

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #2

No experience with that project here for sure. Last car I had with wind up’s was my 79 IHC Scout II.

Check the hot rod adds. I do recall seeing some.
One even used the crank as the actuator. Limited travel. up and down Merely a small motor to power the rack?


(baloo) #3

Yes, I have found a few different types of aftermarket PW conversion kits:

  1. one which has a gear that fits over the original window crank (but is inside the door, so not visible), and actually turns the original window cranking system – you remove the crank handle itself, and place a plug over the hole I imagine. Actually, I think the window switch in a box is positioned over the existing hole of the window crank. This would involve the least fiddling, I would think. However, if your window regulators are stiff or not exact to begin with, the motor will not improve the action.

  2. The other is only for flat glass (like many early Jags), but is a single straight track that clamps on the bottom and center of the glass and has a motor that drives it up and down – replacing the whole winding mechanism. I imagine one would still use the original window side guides. There are tow version of this: one which has the motor attached to the base of the track; the other which has the motor running cables through a duct, so that it can be placed where ever there is space.

I’m attaching pix of the two types that I have seen on the internet.

I’m wondering about clearance issues, where to attach, which mechanism works best of the XK’s, and even some tips on how to best mount one of these.

Yes, I like the aftermarket switches that are positioned in place of the original window cranks, and which use the original crank handles, such that pulling up or down 15 degrees activates a switch to open or shut the d opens or shuts the window, thus retaining the original look.