Anyone know a source for a “Top Mount” antenna?

Hi all

I have a hole just in front of my windshield, on the passenger side, for a radio antenna. As you all know, access to the underside in this area is a challenge, so anything that has to be secured from underneath I’m trying to avoid. I’m thinking someone must make an antenna that attaches similar to a toggle bolt, so that you insert from the top, and secure it from the top. I’d really appreciate any help on this one.

Just thinking this through, you are going to have to gain access anyway to thread the aerial cable down to the radio?

Don’t care about that. I just need an antenna!

So it’s not going to be an operational aerial?

Feeding wires and cables is easy. Do you have a source for a top mounted antenna? I know what I want :+1:

Depends: do you wants period-correct aerial, or a more modern fin type?

Hi Paul
Period correct please. Chrome extension type.

I thought that was all of them. There’s a two prong bracket on the bottom that swivels so you can get it through, then you tighten the nut on the top and it pulls the prongs up against the metal.

I bought a cheap disappearing one about 20 yrs ago and put it where you say. It wasn’t all that difficult. ummm. of course I was more flexible back then

Typically the old-style chrome antennae mounted as you describe with a pair of swinging clamps that the base then screwed down against.

Having said that - a look at eBay and Amazon reveals that these ubiquitous items became rare and expensive when I wasn’t looking. Still there should be some…

This one has that sort of mount though the base is oval, not round:

This one has a larger base but that springy thing that makes it look like it came from JCWhitney’s New & Hot section:

This one is nice but does require clearance below as it is full retractable (did not look and ponder if that would work):

Hirschman’s are top quality and this listing has measurements which are helpful. You might be able to lop off that lower section if you can accept not being able to fully lower it:

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the disappearing one is similar to the one I put in. There was adequate clearance. It goes down the A post…if they put the hole in the right place.

Wow! Thanks for all the effort Geo!

Looking through the choices the only one I see that might be a top mount is the first one, if the two “feet” pivot and allow insertion from above. However it seems to be a rigid, vs telescoping type.

Given a choice it would be nice to put in a hirschmann as I think of them as a quality manufacturer but this one looks like it would need to be secured from the bottom.

Am I missing something as I review these?
Thanks again

I think so. The text of the Hirschman listing says this:

  • A 23 mm/3/4 inch round hole needed if not already existing for installation from above the fender.

  • If you can install from under the fender only a 19mm hole is needed.

The swivel is easier to see in the diagram rather than the photo:


If there is any doubt, just contact the seller.

That ones not gunna work, in the position indicated: you’d need an antenna w/o any lower extending parts.

I got the impression that Bob was more interested in having an antenna in the hole rather than functionality… looks like the bottom tube could be lopped off to fit the available space. Antenna might even still work but of course could not be fully retracted.

Usual discalimer: I have not actually done this though I have a Hirsrchman on one of my cars.

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Years ago I installed an electric antenna,looks like original.Harada automatic antenna which has a remote cable for the
motor, the model was RZW-200/RZWB-200. The company address
was 1900 West Artesia Blvd,Compton, Cal. 90220 phone (213)
637-6291. I don’t know if it’s still available.

Mopar applications from about 1965 through the 70’s used a Motorola antenna that didn’t retract all the way. About 18” was always above the fender, and it could extend to double that height. It had a sort of toggle bolt bottom that allowed it to fit a standard hole. See this one for example:

So I contacted the eBay seller of the Hirschmann antenna above from Geo. He said that with a 1” hole, the connection is a bit marginal. He has a top mount, full telescoping, antenna that has an oversized base, maybe 1.5”in diameter on top, and a wider bracket on the back side of the fender.

I’ve bought one of these and when it arrives I’ll see how it works and let everyone know. One thing is that many people mentioned that there is no room for a full telescoping antenna, but there appears to be so in my situation. I was able to insert a broom handle down about 12”. :grinning:. here’s a photo of the location of the hole…

I decided that having the aerial permanently sticking up ruined the look of the car, so I had it welded up and will only use the audio for playing CDs!

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If I were in the bodywork phase I’d consider it, but that seems a bit over the top for a car with a decent paint job. And I’m fitting a completely retractable one, so all I should have to show for it is a bit more chrome.

You could also paint a body color plug.