Anyone know a source for pistons for a Brake caliper rebuild?

I am working on fixing all the little problems that develop in a 25 year old auto in a province (Ontario) that uses salt on the winter roads. Rust of course.
The pistons in my brake calipers are rusted. Does anyone have a source for the brake caliper pistons for the 1997 XJ6, (X300) I don’t know if it makes any difference but it’s the base model.


I used Rockauto.

First I just ordered pistons and seals. Pistons were right, seals were wrong. Sent it all back for a little more money I got refurbished calipers, with everything already done.

Installed both of them, one worked, one kinda did. It would work, but I couldn’t bleed it for some reason. Ordered a replacement. Installed it and everything has been great since.

Thanks Veekay. I have only used them in the past for domestic vehicles. Surprised to find such a variety of caliper rebuild parts. I appreciate the help.

No problem. For the money, the rebuilt calipers saved me a ton of time and aggravation. Swapping out calipers is extremely easy on these cars, versus refurbishing them yourself.

$100 for both calipers complete (after the core charge) plus about $8 to send both calipers back was well worth the money!