Anyone know where I can find winglets for a 120?

Couple things here: first, as the headline reads, I’d love to find a pair of side glass winglets. I heard enough of the guys praise them at a gathering south of Boston yesterday, mostly XK models. I took my late-father’s fully restored English cream with red interior 1954 XK120-SE.
The link includes others there and Dad’s car and winglets example in the last few photos.
Cheers and thanks for any recommendations.


You can place an add in the classifieds: when i have been lookong for components it worked 100% of time.

I concidentally bought a pair and gave them to a frie d with an OTS, otherwise they would be yours.



Repros from Moss
Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at 1.44.57 PM

Also, Coventry sells them * Product Code: 1765

Awesome. Thank you, gents.

Be aware that wind wings and side curtains are not compatible. :frowning:

Thank you, as I did not know that.
Dad has a top for the OTS, but he never installed it after the restoration, and I don’t believe he ever planned to, either. So, wind wings are still on the docket.
Moss is backordered. I’ve reached out to Welch. So I put up a WTB post in the Classifieds here.
Once again, I appreciate the support of everyone here.

Unsure if this link works. Photo taken Sunday.

Moss remains backordered on the wind wings, as has been the case since September. I received a kind note from someone who suggested emailing a colleague who might have a set, but no luck. If you might have or know of a set of wind wings, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Try Ebay USA

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Thanks. Did that. eBay USA seems to have one set available. However they are a different shape and cost nearly $200 more shipped than the ones Moss sells. Just emailed Coventry to see what it will cost to get a set shipped Stateside.