Anyone near Wolverhampton?

Is there anyone near Wolverhamton or know of Wolverhamton Motor Services?
Does it still exist?
I believe they first sold my XK120 FHC.
Regards, Graham.

things you could do some even I
Most of the car dealers advertised in Autocar and Motor both weekly magazines so it would be interesting to see what sort of adds they placed if any. Neither is on line
Motor Sport monthly less adds from dealers but searchable on line.
You can search english newspapers to mid 1950’s on line look for the dealers name and the variations on XK120 and you will be amazed at the adds

Have you checked the factory booklet given out in new XK120 Literature Packs that supposedly list all authorised new Jaguar Distributors and Dealers. If you don’t have these, when I get a chance I will check the 1953 and 1954 editions.

Who does your JDHT certificate advise as original selling dealership?


From the 1938 SS Instruction Book.

From the Mark V Handbook.

I live in Wolverhampton. I have not heard of WMS . There is a company listed , but seem to have been dormant for 20 years ,and only list a residential address in Telford, about 10 miles away.
I know of Attwood . The building is still there and a local land mark. The address is different to the info Rob posted, perhaps that was a HO address. Aldridge Trim who some of you may know, used to be based in the Attwood building.
If you establish the retailer I can search the historic local news papers.

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Photo attached is from the Wolverhampton archives.
It shows my registration, NJW427, associated with W.M.S. I only just worked out what that stood for.
Note registrations NJW421 and 431 went to Attwoods. Terry. Any idea what chassis numbers?download download%20(2)
So did WMS sell my car?
Roger. I will check the heritage cert when I return home.
It would appear WMS were also Vauxhall agents in Woverhampton along with Attwood’s? They changed addresses at some stage.
Interesting. Any further info appreciated.
Cheers, Graham.

Thanks Big Jim.
Any of WMS street addresses nearby?

They are all local to me and I am happy to have a poke around, but most of the city centre has been redeveloped over recent years. These pictures are of the Sunbeam car factory in their hey day and now as it is as a small portion of apartments002314 download
Let me know if you want me to check it out.

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Graham, I’m surprised yours hung around apparently unsold for so long (registered September, I see). I know it was towards the end of production and interest may have been waning, but my later 669193 (manufactured 28-Jun-54 & dispatched 5-Jul, standard spec in Pastel Blue) leapfrogged yours and was registered to its first owner on 26-Jul-54.

Chris T.

Interesting. Where was yours sold through Chris?

Cheers, Graham

Sometimes they ran cars as demonstrstors on trade plates before registering to first retail buyer. There are rules today that limit what can be called ‘new’ but in those days???


I was talking to some old fellas yesterday who where Wolverhampton old foto enthusiasts they recon they will have photos of WMS. Let’s see…
When I get chance I will visit Wolverhampton archives, any more requests while I am there?

Hi Jim.

If you happen to be talking to them ol fellas would they know when Attwoods moved into the premises on Raglan Street and if they previously were located on Lichfield Street.

Thanks and regards, Graham.

I should be able to find out from the records. I would be surprised if there was a showroom on Lichfield St, it is pretty much town centre. Here are some pics of Lichfield st

Love the trolleybus, Jim - they used to have them in Ipswich when I was a kid.

Hi Graham,
Apologies for the delay responding. 669193 was sold by Peerless Motors Ltd of Slough via Henlys Ltd of London.
First owner was PJ Urlwin-Smith & Partners of 14, Clifford St, London, W1. On-line searches suggest this is likely to have been trials eventer and Brooklands racer PJ Urlwin-Smith DFC (WWII Distinguished Flying Cross).
Chris T.

I have not heard anything back from the photography group. I have spent the day at Wolverhampton archive today and it is addictive looking through the old photos. Nothing more on WMS but a few Jag pictures. I will put them in the pub as no XK pics . Here is an early one if the, Attwoods with an MGA? in the foreground.

Hi Jim.

Thanks for the follow up and the new photo of Attwood’s

That must be a different show room than the one with the tower?

I am still hoping that one day an early photo of my 120 FHC surfaces there somewhere.

With the low RHD production figures they must have been a fairly rare sight to see on the road.

Thanks for your time and effort. Most appreciated. I’m sure you will let us know if anything further comes to light.

Regards, Graham.


The pic of the Attwoods building is on the same site as now. I think it was added to overtime .It was believed to be built 1940’s/50’s and definitely before 1956 , which almost predates the MGA in the pic.