Anyone on this forum "near" the Cincinnati, OH area?

Good morning. By chance is there anyone on this forum within a reasonable distance of Cincinnati, Ohio? I’ve got my deceased father’s E-type and want to get it running again. He had completely rebuilt it, but then never drove it so it now doesn’t start. With the help of someone late last year, I was able to get it to make a spark again (points were corroded), but it still can’t start (presumably the carbs need to be loved on), and I’m by no means a car guy. And sure, I could have it taken somewhere, but I’d prefer to work with someone who loves these cars as much as my father did, rather than some faceless company.

Anyone interested in helping to get this kitten to purr?

If no one on Jag-Lovers steps forward you might contact the folks in the Cincinnati Jaguar Club.

Jaguar Club of Greater Cincinnati (

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I went to Kilgour School in 1977.

Does that help?


you might want to try Quality Automotive

It’s been 20 years since Rod installed new floor boards/sills in my E, but his work was great.

Please let me know if you have success, as I will be looking to get my 66 FHC running soon and will need a contact.


Good afternoon John, just wondering if you had any success on locating some expertise…


Not yet, sadly. :frowning:

John my name Paul I am a little over three hours away
I’m into my seventh year of restoring a 69 roadster if you’re not in any big rush the first or second week in October it might be possible for me to run over there maybe get it running you can email me at

Paul, I sent you an email just to sync up.

Hey John, finally had a minute to get back to you been a busy last weekend my son lives in Louisville and maybe it will work out sometime early October I would stop spend some time with him then head over to Cincy see if I can help you out
Paul Loehr
3200 LIBBERT rd
Newburgh In