Anyone recognize this brand of radiator

It’s supposed to be for a S2, and looks just about right with angled upper corners and secondary input along the top for the air bleed line, but missing the connection on the filler neck to the overflow tank.
It looks well made and it’s claimed to have two rows of 1” tubes, which I understand is a good thing…
Does anyone recognize where this might be from?

Not much to recognize… they all look alike to me. Mine was made by Howe Racing and looks very much like that (except it has the connection for the line to the expansion tank) Seems like it would be pretty easy to add/get added that bit if one got a good deal on the unit.

As Geo said, they pretty much look the same, that being said the style of the filler neck looks just like the Ron Davis Radiator I had.

If there’s a 22mm bung for the switch, it’s one of mine.