Anyone recognize this radio?

This radio was in my. '67 2+2 S1.5 when I purchased it in the early 70s. I always thought it be a “Frankfurt” model Blaupunkt. But, in numerous searches over the years the push buttons are not the same. Or, maybe it’s a westernized “Frankfurt” for the US AM &FM bands?

Blaupunkt Frankfurt

'67 2+2 S1.5

It looks like this Frankfurt. I think they were called X series and for the US market.

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The buttons look just like these, and also like my Blaupunkt Koln model. If you can depress one of the knobs, I think the right, that is the Kohn auto-seek function. I think that was the only functional difference between my Koln and a Frankfurt

Another one in that link uses AM/FM instead of the euro labels.


Thanks for your reply. Yes, it does look like the ebay model. I’m thinking of sending out have it updated. It’s 6V/12V Neg/Posi ground. Makes it very versatile. I meant to add, the nice thing, it still works too.

Blaupunkt Frankfurt “X” …What would you do and why?

Today, I shipped my aforementioned radio off to VintageBlau for some TLC. BTW, I bench tested it and it does pull in stations, mostly FM…here’s a question to my illustrious fellow members …
!. Restore to OEM and enjoy?
2. Update with the latest and greatest technology, all the while still looking OEM?

A little background, I have an early Mustang convertible that is highly performance modified. I installed a converted high tech OEM radio system, dunno why, and “rarely” listen to it. The sound of rowing through the gears, engine acceleration, and growl of the dual DCOE Webers is music to my ears… therefore, what youse guys do?
You can be critical, you can be kind, but, I know you are learned…

Also, the estimate to restore “OEM” is approximately $400, if one adds converts to the latest technology it’s a bit higher. However, gets rid of the amplifier box, a known PITA for those that have one in their eType and have to relocate it.

KenA '67 S1.5 2+2

My Jag had very little muffling to it: as a result, the only music I ever really cared to listen to was Sir William’s Six Symphony…:blush:


The rear amp box on those is a huge pita. No way would mine fit in the 3.8 console. It had to be mounted behind the glove box which has in turn prevented me from installing Ray’s EDIS kit because it needs to go in that exact spot.

That said, I think 60s Blaus are hands down the most attractive sets, and were the bee’s knees back then, especially with the keystone face plate. Updating it seems like a fine choice.

My data point: A few years ago I put in a nice vintage-looking Retrosound radio and decent speakers with woofers in the console and tweeters tuck up under the corners of the dash. Looks nice. Haven’t turned it on in two years.

Exactly, haven’t turned it on.
Currently, I have Pioneer in a custom console I made 5-8 years ago. This is a modern radio tape player etc., that plays tunes through the console speakers and two tweeters I placed in the rear storage area I recently outlined in another post. At the moment, I have the dash top off and Mike Eck is working on my clock, so, If I stay OEM, then, it won’t be too tough locating the amplifier behind the glove box. I really do like the bezel and overall looks of the Frankfurt X model.
Decisions, decisions, decisions…?

Ken, here’s a pic of my Blauplunkt Frankfurt TR DeLuxe 32471 from 1962 (although I’ve noted on the Porsche site that they state the radio was from 1961-62). I too had sent it in to Vintageblau for “refreshing”. That cost me $500 and, frankly, he didn’t do much in terms of refreshing it but he did fix the connector to the remote amp so it does work now.

It is not clear to me if yours has the remote amp or not. But the faces are similar. In my case it is Am/Fm/M . The M standing for Long Wave (LW) - I think. Anyway, my plan is to mount the radio in the car to be operational and correct from a vintage standpoint. But to listen to music, I’ll use my phone connected to the cigar lighter and use Bluetooth to broadcast Spotify to a JBL Charge 3 sitting behind the seat. I could also send that signal to the radio’s speakers, but I suspect the Charge 3 will be superior. Besides, there’s nothing better than the “six symphony”.

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Hey Scott, thanks for weighing in. Yes, mine has the amplifier, although, I’m stumped as t why it’s called that. It’s more like a variable voltage control box. LOL Anyway, as of this entry, I’m still on the decision fence. Renew to modern technology or stick to “old world” charm. One thing I do have going for me, it does pull in FM easily. I’m not sure, in it’s OEM state a separate set of speaker wires could be added. I guess, I could always splice the right and left channels to the respective rear speakers. My decision will be spur of the moment/last minute…Hmmm

I really like the Frankfurt in my '68 but I really only listen to it in the garage. It is powered from a lug on the cigar lighter. I think it sounds good for 50 years old. It quit working about a year ago but a local shop repaired it for $250. The AM is still a little goofy but FM works fine.

68 E-type FHC

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Your radio is a 1966/67 Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio for the US market