Anyone replaced a windshield on a Facelift?

A gentleman a few miles away from me has a 95 model that he is parting out. It has a very nice windshield (non-Triplex, so I am guessing it was a replacement at some point) My original windshield on my 96 has two small rock chips and I was thinking of swapping them. Has anyone performed this task? Do you have to remove the all of the trim or just the rubber seal?

Also, let me know if you are in need of any parts. The car is complete with 101K miles. Transmission is locked up. It has been sitting for several years and the interior is shot. Everything is there minus the ECU which I purchased a few days ago.


Have you considered having a glass shop repair those small chips? They’re pretty good at it, and it would to extend the life of that windshield.

I have not looked into the “fix the chip” option. I failed to also mention that I attempted to polish the windshield when I acquired the car a few years ago. I did not get good results and created a small haze on the passenger side. I had called around to all o the local windshield shops and no one provided the polishing service.

Did you do it with Cerium Oxide and a hard felt pad?
It’s the only thing that works and it would fix the haze.

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Is 95 Windshield set with urethane if so odds of getting it out without cracking it are high.

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Yes, I used the the premixed Cerium Oxide with hard felt pad. I was sure to monitor the temp so not to over heat the glass.

Curious, as it worked for me.
Did not used the premixed stuff but Cerium Oxide powder and water, not only removed the haze but deeper scratches as well.
Maybe it was not the real stuff, or your pad was dirty?

As for removing the glass, on my 86 it was fairly easy, half was unglued anyway.
Even managed to take the rear out a second time as the first time it was not positioned corecty.
Dificult but doable without breaking it, never the less, and if you go that route, take the donor glass out first to be sure it comes out in one piece.

Thanks for the advise. I may give the Cerium Oxide another shot with a stiffer pad. Mine may have been too soft.