Anyone try the Coker whitewall radial tire

Hi, it is time to replace the tires on Oljag not because of wear but because of age. I have the BF Goodrich Silvertown 650x16 on the car now (keep a 600x16 spare in the trunk) and love the look but everyone I have talked to says (and I agree) it is time to upgrade to radial.
I have read the past postings on tires and did not see anyone reviewing the Coker 31/4 inch whitewall radial tire. So my question is has anyone in the group bought this tire and how do you like them?


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Close to your tire question, my Mark V saloon had been on the now-discontinued Dunlop 670H16 RS5 bias ply until this last year. I switched to Coker’s Excelsior Stahl Sport Radial 650R16 and have been very happy with that change. These are blackwall tires mounted on the steel wheels (not wire wheels).

Having put time into figuring out tire patch on the ground to assure steering feel and effort would be close to original design for the manual steering, these tires seemed good choice among those with the DOT rating I desired. After installation, the “tramline” effect of the bias ply tires is gone without regret, the cold tire thump until warmed up is missed. Steering is about the same feel and effort for turning as on the Dunlops.

Thanks for the feedback Roger. I have steel wheels with tubes. I may miss the sliding into the curve I am used to in the 44 years of driving the car but the softer ride and better handling will probably be appreciated.

I’ve been running Coker ww 600x16s on Dayton 60 spoke wires with tubes for 6 years. Much improved handling and great vintage look. Would recommend.

Still look new six years later


Thanks, beautiful car, looks really classy!!