Anyone with Gaz adjustable shocks?

I fitted Gaz GT shocks a few years ago but haven’t really got round to getting the best out of them. Anyone else got some experience of them? I had the fronts turned up to 10 clicks, which I think is way too much - a lot of grounding. Now dialed back down to zero - how does that setting compare to stock shocks?

I put Gaz all the way around on my 89 about 2 years ago. Bottom line is that anything more than 2-3 clicks from zero is too firm for me. And I love firm suspension, my most-days driver is a Roush mustang that has been lowered 1” and rides almost like like a track car. Doesn’t bother me a bit.
But firming up the xjs w/shocks just feels harsh and unnatural. So not a good investment imho, just go with Bilstein or similar non-adjustable. My Gaz are set at 2 clicks which is just slightly tighter than my old stock shocks. My .02.

Not on an XJS but this guy has them on his XJ12C.

Oh… that’s a nice motor. I like the admission that it only cost 5 grand and is a bit shonky in places. I’d go for that. I know of someone who bought a similar Daimler V12 coupe instead of the contemporary Aston Martin, possibly not a financially sound move looking back.

I think you’re on the money there. My initial setting was based on the Konis that are on my Alfa - I set them to be about the low 1/3 of the range of adjustment, which works well. The Gaz shocks go up to 30+ clicks so I started at 10 to be something like 1/3rd range as well. Seems like the range they have is way more than you would set for road use.

Just did first test drive with Bilsteins all around after old Boges, I really like it. Really firms up the boat feeling around turns, but still corners like a big car, so can’t take it too fast. I can feel every manhole cover, but it’s not harsh as in other cars where I’ve tried Bilsteins.

I really like them, probably a good compromise for this car.