Apologies for the downtime

Something in Discourse crashed overnight, causing the site to be down for a few hours. My apologies for the inconvenience, hopefully the site will be back to its usual stable self now.


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Apologies, um no. Rather thank you for all the time and effort on behalf
of folks you’ll never meet; who rely on your generosity.

Best, Alan

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Tell us the truth: you tripped over the plug.


OK. I thought it was possibly my machine or my browser.


No, sr. I add my thanks for your considerable effort.

And, as I messed with a different way opening, I “serviced” my hearing aids. Got two out of three going. the third, only partly.

As usual, ear wax… tooth ck and vacuum used to fix.


Ummmm. So you’ve got 4 ears, but you can function with only 3?

Carl, you never cease to amaze me!

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Me too!!! I call each device as an ear. Flesh or plastic and electronic, Mach nicht…