Apple Hydraulics? Anyone Use?

I’m thinking of sending my ZS Carbs off for a complete rebuild. Anyone use Apple Hydraulics in New York?

Seems to be a lot of info out there for rebuilding SU’s and Webers, but not the Zenith-Stombergs. Anyone know of a good book or online document?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Jeff H.

I used Apple Hydraulics for a pair of kingpins and Armstrong shock absorbers. They were quick and reasonably priced… 20 years ago :slight_smile: Still good, no problems. No reason not to use them. They’ve been around forever.

The gold standard for carbs however is Joe Curto Prepare for your carbs to be at his shop for many many months. If I’m not in a rush, that’s where my carbs go. He’s done five sets for me and never had a problem. Except the wait.

Same comment as ‘John6’.
Had Apple repair Amstrong shocks and SU carb.
Been around for years and great service !

They are fine
If you want black lung go to their shop in person
It’s a throw back to before the war!
Uncle Joe needs 8 months
Apple will get it done in 2 weeks?
Yes I’ve used apple on my jags, Aston’s and Rolls!

I’ve used them many times; always good service and results