Are 3.5 L engines available


As our MK V is powered by a Pontiac engine, and might be interested in going back, I was wondering if 3.5’s were available. Have had no luck in my search for them.

(Pronk) #2

Check in with the pre-XK forum. We’re all DOHC folks here:grinning:

(Ed Nantes) #3

They are, but heavy little buggers to ship.

(Rob Reilly) #4

Australia is probably your best chance. Maybe someone can put you in touch with the Australian Jag clubs.
Do you know what to look for, would recognize one?

I remember back in the early 1970s seeing a Mark V saloon with a Pontiac SOHC straight 6 cyl engine in Illinois. I wonder if its the same car?


Maybe you can contact Dave Davenport in UK


No, do not know what I am looking for, not ready yet either, was just curious.
This one is a V8. Will post more about its History when I can pull it all together.

(Rob Reilly) #7

It will have the Jaguar logo and 3-1/2 Litre on the right hand (exhaust) side of the block, carbs and distributor on the left side. Do you also need the gearbox, driveshaft, clutch linkage?

Here’s mine.


Good looking engine, is that part of your project?
Not sure what will be needed at this early point. Have so much to do on other cars, do not want to get ahead of myself.

(Paul Wigton) #9

All I have is a BOP 215 V8…:wink:

(Ed Nantes) #10

If a V8 has been dropped in, It’s likely various other fittings have been changed/ substituted. And if it was done properly [ Although that;s a long shot] a V8 would have a different diff ratio which means in some way the rear axle has been altered or replaced.

(- 1950 MkV, 1959 XK150,) #11

You would be better with a donor car if you were going to change back to a pushrod 6. There could be many minor changes and pieces you need to convert back.
If the 8 is running, then simply enjoy her on the road whilst keeping an eye out for a rusted up mkV with the original engine.