Are Brooklands screens reversible?

(John Burke) #1

I think it might be fun to have a set of Brooklands screens for my XK140 OTS but don’t want to do anything that’s not reversible. Those that I’ve seen look like the aluminum mounting sections and the cowl in front of the mirror are riveted or welded onto the body. I’ve read that in the '50’s people would remove the OTS screen for racing and then replace it for street driving. Is there a set up available that is reversible with no permanent damage to the body?

Here is what I was looking at:

(Jag-ur) #2

There are a number if issues you have brought up here… firstly I would encourage you to seek the CORRECT aero screens for your car if you choose to go forward with this endeavour Brooklands screens were never a factory option. There are manufacturers who are making quite acceptable reproductions … Originals are in the realm of unobtainium… unless you are prepared to spend anything up to $5000. for a set. You ask reversible… well yes… sort of. they cowls are held down with three bolts to the scuttle panel, there will be holes where they are secured, AND there is no guarantee that the cowls themselves won’t leave witness marks in the paint. Look carefully at the enclosed image This is an NOS factory screen… the copies are quite similar … but NOT Brooklands .

(Rob Reilly) #3

(Art Ford) #4

I paid $5 for mine when I bought it in Omaha sometime about '69 or '70. It looked like it had been painted with a brush. I only got the drivers side. They had another one but couldn’t find it.

(John Burke) #5

Thank you for the info on the “aero screens”, it is much appreciated.
I don’t want to drill holes in my cowl so I’ll just drop this idea for the time being.

(Terry McGrath) #6

just yesterday drilled holes in cowl for aeroscreens an original pair in bronze that had never been fitted to a car and yes we had to drill holes in them as well, book say 8 FS104 to hold 2 cowls on so 4 per side.
Interestingly LT3 shows 5 3 at back edge say 1inch in and 2 in front corners?
This car had the 4 1/2 height rear view mirror cowl with oval shape mirror associated with MKV MKVII later 120’s.
See attached period photo

The glass in the pair of originals I have is laminated glass.
Whilst fitting the originals I have also fitted using the same holes a pair of US repros they are over 3/4 inch longer at the base and generally are not that accurate in shape, dimensions etc and certainly don’t sit on the cockpit cowl as nice LH hand not bad RH medium fit as opposed to originals that sit on perfectly. Interesting the repros don’t have actual glass in them but perspex and instead of being held in by everseal that are siliconed in!

(Ed Nantes) #7

Where the originals Auster brand.?
Brooklands were an after market “ speedshop” accessory.
I recall that Auster style aeroscreens are still available.

(Jag-ur) #8

is it complete NOS ? Would you consider parting with it ? I am looking for a drivers side… I have the passengers side NOS .

(Art Ford) #9

No it’s not. It’s an original part with high mileage. I have no reason to sell it.

(Terry McGrath) #10

The aeroscreens on the C type and XK120 - same thing were fabricated and made by Jaguar themselves. The scrapyard Kenilworth had stacks of raw and partly machined castings for all the bits and I got several sets back in the early 1990’s

(Jag-ur) #11

Terry… do you have any left ? I could use a couple to sort out the one I have… parts of which have been butchered by a PO.