Are J-L posts being monitored by marketers?

Three days ago I posted to this thread in which the conversation was about synchronising triple carburetors with the Uni-Syn and other devices.

Today I received an email from promoting a whole array of carburetor synchronisers, including the Uni-Syn and a couple of others we discussed in the thread.

I do not believe this is a coincidence.

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It’s not: happened to me lots.

Welcome to the 21st century…:persevere:

It happens less, using Qwant to access JL.

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Yeah, I guess you’re right. It’s the cross-pollination of data that’s troubling. There seem not to be any barriers between media types anymore. A couple of weeks back I googled local hvac companies and researched various models of air conditioners. Then over the next several days every time I accessed YouTube the first thing that showed up was an ad for air conditioners!

Big Brother is listening.

I’m not sure how that could work. Unless you stored an email in your profile signature then I don’t see how scraping the site’s public forum posts could result in that. I just tried opening the source for that page to make sure but it’s stalled out twice. If you don’t see your email in there then it isn’t visible. Did you perhaps Google the product name recently? That could have been stored in a cookie.

The other option is that Amazon has gotten hold of the NSA’s XKeyscore search engine and your entire data stream is being stored on Prism servers (I watched Snowden again last night).

It helps to keep applications (like Amazon and J-L) closed when not in use.

But yes, it amazes me too! I’m used to having zero interest in ads that appear on common websites, like news sites. I’ll look at one, like Yahoo news, and see an ad for something obscure but of interest to me, like a uni-syn. Often I recall looking at the product or similar recently. Really freaky! I don’t do much with my cellphone but I think it’s as aggressive there as on my desktop. I don’t save cookies, either–so not that.

Yes, Erica makes a good point. Perhaps you googled uny-syn to spell it correctly or similar? As I said I receive ads all of the time, inserted into websites and via email. But I can’t remember getting one that I thought to be associated with something I posted on J-L.

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Definitely didn’t google Uni-Syn. However, the thread in which the discussion was about carb synchronisers was actually this one in which @thelews John posted a link to the Synchrometer, which I clicked on. Maybe mystery solved … but it still doesn’t explain the repeated A/C ads in YouTube.

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Like the cell phone, I wonder what all of us would do if all this was disconnected and we were left to our own devices? It wasn’t too many years ago that all this was science fiction. Fortunately, we do not have ‘chips’ in our necks yet, and we can just turn it all off. How many out there would give this a try? We have given away what little privacy we ever had.

Didn’t you just install a new A/C? You most likely searched on stuff. Google owns YouTube. If you search for something it can end up in your YT recommended list.

Happens to me all the time. I’ll google a product and then for the next month or so I’ll see ads for that and similar products in any site that displays ads along with desired content…

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Yes, I definitely googled A/C a couple of weeks back. And, yes, my YouTube account is under the same email address as my Google account. Time to switch from Google to DuckDuckGo, maybe.

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Yep, happy with DDG. They now also have emails,, so there’s that…

I am using ddg and don’t have any issues. Search isn’t quite as good as Google, but worth it.